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How to use foods that make you sleepy to your advantage

From the parenting trick of lulling kids to sleep with a pre-bedtime glass of milk to avoiding caffeine after hours so you aren’t up all night counting sheep, there’s no denying that there’s a connection between food and sleep. Sometimes […]

Wellness is complex, misunderstood, and oh-so important—here’s what it means to Team Well+Good

It’s been about a decade since Well+Good launched, and when I recently joined as the team’s lifestyle writer, I—a worshipper of mozzarella sticks—feared I was deeply unwell and wouldn’t fit in. What I quickly learned is that the meaning of […]

10 Best Healthy Protein Pancake Recipes To WOW Your Day

A pancake breakfast is such a great start to the day. But if you are health conscious or watching your weight, the ingredients used in pancakes (butter, flour, cream, etc.) may deter you from feasting on them. Not anymore! All […]

This Gorgeous Coffee Table Glows in The Dark by WOO Design

I always like to do things on my own. First off all I was a pro kiteboarder for many years, after that I was a part of my sister big project with laser engraving. That gives me now point of […]

Well+Good TALKS: How To Have a Healthy Relationship with Money

According to a recent study, women would rather talk about their sex lives and bikini waxes than their finances. Not tonight. We’ll take the shame (and panic) out of convos around your bank balance with experts on the best ways […]

10 Best Eye Creams With SPF To Hydrate And Protect Your Eyes – Best Of 2019

Are UV-protected, polarized, oversized sunglasses enough to protect your eyes? What about the stray light that can still sneak in through the sides? As per the Skin Cancer Foundation, basal cell carcinoma (BCC) of the eyelids affects about 16.9 men […]

Unleash your inner-psychic by balancing your chakras and opening your third eye

Your third eye, or that sixth chakra that sits between your eyebrows and helps you tap into your intuition in a new way, has been around for as long as you have. But that fact alone doesn’t mean you know […]

Overwhelmed to the point of glitching? Here’s how to find your reset button to manage stress

I’m not sure if you play the The Sims 4 like I do, or if you otherwise lead a rich, fulfilling life among people you can’t control, so roll with me here. Sometimes my Sim will start glitching and then […]

Mercury is out of retrograde, but the ‘retroshade’ lingers—here’s what that means

The only push notifications I allow on my phone are from Apple news, and the three astrology apps I have downloaded. Last night, I got a glorious notification from The Pattern, alerting me that Mercury retrograde was finally—finally!—over. Not to […]

MSM Supplement Improves Joints, Allergies and Gut Health

What if I told you there was a so-called “miracle supplement” that could help lower inflammation, fight the effects of stress and pain, raise immunity, and increase energy levels? Would you be interested? Then you need to know about MSM. […]

These Feel-Good Snacks Are Eco-Friendly and Delicious

Trying to eat healthy and save the world at the same time used to be a feat, but now it’s pretty much the norm. An ever-growing number of health-conscious consumers combined with an increasing call to be kinder to the […]

Cajun Blackened Chicken Recipe

I’m always looking for new ways to prepare chicken. While I love more exotic recipes like my chicken tikka masala, sometimes you need a chicken recipe that’s more than just plain grilled chicken, but that doesn’t require tons of time. […]

How to Get over Your Self-Defeating Thoughts and Behaviors

If you’ve found yourself repeating self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, it’s critical to understand the root causes of where these thoughts and behaviors are coming from. Self-defeat is something you can overcome. It takes recognizing the situations in your life and […]

14 Times People Turned Ordinary Things Into Something Impressive, and You Can Do It Too

1. Iron Throne phone charger © NaturalNerdiy / imgur 2. Penny Floor © TonyaTooners / imgur 3. Dog Room © Rootersrevenge / imgur 4. Air Plant Wall Hanging © tatsuu / imgur 5. A Pan Rack © vjosiah / reddit […]

There’s the Rub: Take Your Grilled Steaks, Chicken, and Everything Else to the Next Level

The secret to expertly seasoned meat, fish, or veggies is actually stupidly easy: Don’t even think about letting anything touch the grill this summer without giving it a good rub down first. A dry rub usually has these three ingredients: […]

3 quick strategies that’ll make you more optimistic—and help you live longer, too

Looking at the glass half full is like sipping the Elixer of Immortality, according to exhaustive research conducted by Boston University School of Medicine over 30 years. I mean you won’t get a full Tuck Everlasting thing going on, but […]

Should You Rinse Meat Before Cooking It?

Should you rinse your steak, chicken, pork, or other meat before you cook it? No! It can be so tempting when you yank your glistening, bloody T-bone from its sealed plastic package with a snap, or unwrap that crimson lamb […]

10 Things You Wish People Told You Before You Started College

College, though it feels almost eons ago for me, for a lot of the youth in this country, it’s their immediate future. Fresh from the grill of the board exams, a large portion of youth in the country is looking […]

The Rise Of PU Chitra: How The Daughter Of Wage Laborers Became The Queen Of Asia In The Mile!

“I don’t have the time.” “I don’t have the resources.” “I don’t know what to do.” “You have no clue what my situation is.” These are merely a handful of excuses that we hear from people that have massive potential […]

Real talk: How much sugar should a healthy person eat in a day?

Give me a bowl of strawberries, and I’m a happy camper. Even better if they’re covered in chocolate or whipped cream. With a rampant sweet tooth, thinking about how much sugar a day I consume admittedly makes my heart patter […]

Therapists say millennials worry most about 5 specific issues

Of all the labels used to describe millennials, as one of them, I have to say the “the anxious generation” feels the most apt. Because how could we not be anxious? The world is on fire and the extinction of […]