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Do You Eat White Rice? Here’s What Research Says

Over 3.5 billion people in the world consume rice (1). If you are one of them, is there anything to worry about? Most of the rice eaten in the world is white rice. But we are sure you have come […]

Deep Work: 9 Grounding Rules to Stay Focused

“Deep work” was first coined by Cal Newport, a computer science professor at Georgetown University, in a 2012 blog post.((Carl Newport: Knowledge Workers are Bad at Working (and Here’s What to Do About It…)) He went on to expand upon […]

Virginia Livingston, M.D.: Cancer Quack Or Medical Genius?

Cancer is the most frightening human disease and its cause remains elusive. Therefore, it seems inconceivable that the discovery of a germ cause of cancer would provoke such hostility among the cancer establishment. But, in truth, the belief in a […]

Sriracha: The Story Behind America’s Favorite Sauce

For most of us, it’s not possible to pinpoint the first time we encountered Sriracha. Perhaps it was always there—you grew up with it tucked into your cabinet, that iconic green nozzle poking among the rows of spices and condiments. […]

Daughter Of Beggars Afflicted With Leprosy, Meet This Teen Basketball Star

We have all heard the words, “The past doesn’t define us. Our dreams do.” These words have an incredibly deep meaning to it. It helps us understand that no matter how bad our past may have been, if we dream […]

Adding trace minerals to drinking water is the latest ‘healthy’ fad you can skip

Whether it’s collagen or chlorophyll, there’s always some new product on the shelves calling your name and begging to be added to your water—all with the tantalizing promise of making your hydration experience even healthier. The latest? Trace minerals, a […]

IVF is still illegal in France for gay couples—here’s how one woman and her wife had a baby

On September 27, 2019, the French National Assembly passed a new law that would extend assisted reproductive technology (ART) to lesbian couples and single women. Until last month, artificial insemination and IVF was reserved for heterosexual couples. The law is […]

This $30 online course at Harvard teaches you to eat and exercise your way to better brain health

The American school system is a bit bonkers, if you really think about it. No one teaches you how to  plan for the debt you take on, read a lease agreement, or, like, raise another human being. Instead, you learn […]

Meet the plant-based protein that will help you sleep better tonight

 Pesto can be the perfect bedtime eat when you add just one secret ingredient: spirulina. Get the recipe here.  We love a good bedtime snack, especially when it’s full of nutrients that can promote sleep. In our newest episode […]

Here’s what goes into the vitamin IV drip cocktail created by a functional medicine doctor

Curious about vitamin IV drips? Watch the video. Not so long ago, IV drips were only seen in the halls of hospitals and on reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. These days though, that drip, drip, drip has found its way to […]

8 healthy Instant Pot recipes for beginners that make dinner a cinch

One of the reasons why so many people are obsessed with the Instant Pot is because it simplifies the whole cooking process—and shortens it. But if you’ve never used one before, it can still be pretty intimidating. All those buttons, […]

A ranking of sustainable food that’s best for your health *and* our planet

Sustainability is more than a buzzword. It’s a win all around when the sustainable food on your plate benefits your body as well as the environment. Fostering our personal relationship with Earth—and the global community of food sourcing—connects us to […]

Stop sleeping on these 5 eating habits that can help you get more ZZZs at night

If you’re having trouble sleeping, you’ve probably tried everything: no tech before bed, changing your bedroom lighting, noshing on some sleep-inducing snacks, the whole nine yards. However, functional medicine doctor Mark Hyman, MD says it’s worth giving your eating habits […]

I struggle with a mental health issue—does my boss need to know?

Mental health doesn’t take a day off, and no one knows that better than the approximately 1 in 5 adults in the United States who struggle with mental illness in a given year. While you may feel completely comfortable calling […]

10 Things You Wish People Told You Before You Started College

College, though it feels almost eons ago for me, for a lot of the youth in this country, it’s their immediate future. Fresh from the grill of the board exams, a large portion of youth in the country is looking […]

6 Signs Your Baby Will Make Your Marriage Stronger

Many couples fear that the bright colors of their marriage will fade out once they have a child. This fear is quite natural since it’s obvious that there won’t be enough time for each other once you have a baby. […]

Let’s Hear It for New York: Putting Empire Rye on the World Whiskey Map

We’re calling it: New York whiskey Empire Rye is the next big thing in drinks. The generosity and mellow roundness of Kentucky bourbon. The signature peat and smoke, thick as the native brogue of Islay Scotch. Ireland’s friendly, easy-on-the-palate selections. […]

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