4 Myths Men Believe About Women That They Shouldn’t

As we grow up, we’re brought up with some beliefs instilled in us. Through these, we get an understanding of the right or the wrong. By the time we reach the teenage, we already have a decent list of things that we believe in, a list of things that we don’t believe in, and we also have a list of things that others made us believe in, isn’t it? We wouldn’t know why it is believed that you shouldn’t cut your nails once the sun sets, but we still go ahead and follow this just because we were brought up by this. It is things like these that we call a ‘myth.’

What Is A Myth?

It could be a traditional or a non-traditional belief which is held through the years. And it can also be a false idea.

What Is A Myth


And if there’s anyone who gets tangled in this world of myths more than anybody else, it has to be the women. As it is, every society in this world has its own set of restrictions for a woman that restricts her from living the life that she wants. Men, in particular, have believed in some myths about women for centuries now. They have this blueprint of what they believe a woman is. And this is a very sad thing you know! Every single woman has her persona, if one is strong-hearted, one is strong-minded, and some women love living on their own terms like a free bird. We bring to you four such myths that the men have always believed in and we think it’s high time that they stop believing in them. Read on.

#4 Women Are Irrational When They PMS

Women Are Irrational When They PMS


Everybody is aware that a woman’s body goes through changes throughout her lifetime — the menstrual cycles, at the time of pregnancy, and also when her menopause stage sets in. Men, on the other hand, are not subjected to the kind of hormonal changes that a woman goes through. Therefore, they can’t empathize or understand the hormonal changes a woman goes through during the PMS. A woman’s mood changes, in particular, are heavily misunderstood or made fun of by the men.

Cramp pains, breast tenderness, and food cravings — all these issues could make anyone moody. But the men mistake it to be irritability that comes as a PMS package. Men should consider overlooking this myth.

#3 Women Are More Empathetic

Women Are More Empathetic


The evolution of mankind has shown how men and women are different and they play up with one another’s strength. However, a false belief exists that women are more hardwired with care and empathy than men. Such assumptions that the men believe in make them look at a woman as endlessly forgiving, non-dominant, and emotionally vulnerable.

But there are researches that traits like empathy and compassion can vary not based on gender but the basis of an individual’s upbringing and environment (1).

#2 Women’s Ultimate Goal — Motherhood

Women’s Ultimate Goal Motherhood


We won’t just blame the men for this. Even the cultures and various customs expect a woman to become a mother someday (soon). And undoubtedly, it’s the women themselves who put pressure on a woman to reproduce. Yes, a woman’s body is designed to reproduce, but that doesn’t mean being able to reproduce and becoming a mother needs to put an end to a woman’s personal growth, aspirations, and developments in her life.

Let’s educate you all with this fact—46 percent of the physicians in the world are females, 36 percent of legal professionals are all women, and 22 nations on this Earth have women leaders (1), (2), (3). And most of the men all over the world still consider a woman to baby-machines? Duh!

#1 Women Don’t Like Casual Pleasure

Women Don’t Like Casual Pleasure


Society had made it look like it’s a taboo for the women to engage in physical pleasures along with men, especially when they aren’t in a committed relationship (that of marriage) with that particular man.

Men, on the other hand, love boasting about the number of partners they’ve enjoyed physical intimacy with. Women too love engaging with the opposite gender for pleasures and not just get into a married bond right away. However, women do reject offers for pleasures mainly because they are extremely selective about it. Women are willing to engage in a casual encounter provided the person is worth it. So, dear men, stop believing that women don’t like playing it casual, okay?

All of the above myths can be broken down with simple facts. But most of us, not just the men, fall prey to these myths and believe them blindly. If we sit down and start writing all the myths that are believed by mankind, you can never stop writing… it’s a never-ending thing! It’s up to us to wear the wise hat and know what is the truth, don’t you agree too? Let us know in the comments section below.

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