If These 7 Changes Occur In Your Body, You Might Want To Pay Attention


Sure, you might be the person who doesn’t like to pay a visit to the doctor for mere health issues like a common cold or a mild headache. But what if the headache is a recurring one, isn’t that something that you need to worry about? A suspicion which is air-built has all the potential of ruining anybody’s life; but, hey, what if you’re ignoring something big that you aren’t sure or aware of? It could be an indication of a serious health issue as well!

Our body communicates to us every time something is wrong within. We just need to learn to catch those signs and act upon them to be able to ward off any dangerous illness that comes knocking at our doors. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of body signals that we’ve laid down that each one of us might want to pay attention to before it’s too late. Read on.

1. Cracked Or Dry Lips

Cracked Or Dry Lips


A cracked or dry lip is usually a sign of an allergy. Next time you find your lips cracked, pay close attention to the lip balm or any other cosmetic products you’ve been using. Your body might be reacting to it. And if you start developing cracks at the corners of your mouth, then you could probably be having a deficiency of vitamins.

Dry lips, dry mouth, and dry eyes can also be the symptoms of an auto-immune disease called Sjogren syndrome (1).

2. Loss Of Eyebrow

Loss Of Eyebrow


The thick eyebrow is a trend that was started on Instagram. Everybody these days want to have thick brows! However, your thick brows hint many things about your health as well. Excessive brow hair loss or sudden disappearance of them indicates that the thyroid activity within you isn’t normal (2). It is insufficient!

3. Nail Dystrophy

Nail Dystrophy


Most of us love getting nail art done on our nails. As much as we pay attention to how beautiful or nails are looking, we must also observe the natural color and structure of our nails. Any change in the natural color of our nails or its structure is like an emergency siren to pay attention to. For those who aren’t aware, pale and thin nails indicate anemia and deficiency of iron while a yellow appearance of the nails is a sign of liver disorders or fungal infections (3). If nails become brittle, it’s a sign that the body lacks calcium, vitamins, beta-carotene, etc.

4. Red Face

Red Face


If we do away with natural reasons like change in temperature, alcohol consumption or a massage, there are three wide-spread explanations for a red face. Demodicosis which is caused by the presence of infections can also cause a red face (4). If the face turns red along with a dizzy feeling, then it can indicate pressure fluctuations in the body.

So, the next time your face turns red, pay heed and go get yourself checked.

5. Bright Contour Along With Pale Lips

Bright Contour Along With Pale Lips


When it comes to the color of your lips, there are various explanations associated with every color that we can distinguish. For example, if the lower lip’s border is swollen or has small bubbles appearing on it, then it shows that your body is sensitive to UV rays. If this occurs in the middle part of your lips, it could possibly vegetative neurosis (5). And if your lips are severely swollen or are red, that indicates the outcome of an allergic reaction. In such cases, it’s crucial to pay attention to the lip care products you’re using. Visit a doctor if the swelling lasts for more than a couple of hours.

6. Dry Skin And Dry Hands

Dry Skin And Dry Hands


In colder seasons, it’s normal for our skin to become dry. Applying a moisturizer, drinking enough water, and consuming sufficient vitamins will hydrate the body. But if the dryness still continues even after doing all this, then we recommend that you visit a dermatologist as dry skin is considered to be one of the many signs of hypothyroidism and diabetes (6). It could also be a reaction of your skin towards a chemical exposure that you aren’t aware of (blame the air pollution).

7. Dry Heels

Dry Heels


The dearth of vitamin E and A makes the skin of our heels extremely dry; therefore they crack! It could also be a result of a fungal infection. However, in this case, the cracks are numerous and toenails also turn yellow. Even after taking proper care like wearing the right footwear, covering the heels, and applying foot creams, etc. if the roughness and dryness persist, then it could be a case of endocrine disruption (7).

After reading you’ll realize that each of these symptoms when looked at individually aren’t a cause of big concern. But if they continue to exist longer than it can be termed as ‘normal’ it’s wise to visit a specialist and analyze it. Don’t you think so too? Do you have any of the above-mentioned signs? Let us know in the comments below.

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