The best smart plugs, outlets, and power strips for automating your home

Control your outlets.

Control your outlets. ( Nathan Fertig via Unsplash/)

We’ve firmly set foot in the automation age, and there’s no better place to start streamlining your life than in your own home. Smart plugs are a super quick and cost-effective solution for automating your lamps, fans, and other appliances to be voice-controlled, app-controlled, or powered on and off on a set schedule. Looking to turn on the lights in your yard at night? Grab a water-resistant smart plug. How about a whole set of office appliances to automate? There’s a smart power strip for that. No matter your power problem, there’s a smart plug solution.

Here’s a list of our favorite smart plugs currently available.

Stock up for the entire home.

Stock up for the entire home. (Amazon/)

For a cost-effective pack of four smart plugs, check out this bundle from Gosund. They’re Alexa and Google Home compatible, so you can deck out your smart home no matter what your allegiance. If you’re looking to set up smart home compatibility on a budget, or want to knock out a whole room at a time, this is the bundle for you.

Rain or shine.

Rain or shine. (Amazon/)

Cue the sunset each night by setting your outdoor twinkle lights to turn on and off automatically with this dual-outlet smart plug from TP Link. Its water-resistant black rubber finish helps it excel specifically at outdoor usage and it works wirelessly on any 2.4 gigahertz network at a range of up to 300 feet. It’s compatible with both Alexa and Google Home, too.

Space for every electronic. (Amazon/)

If what you need is an entirely smart-compatible power strip, look no further. The Kasa Smart Plug Strip comes with six independently controllable smart outlets and three USB ports, offering plenty of flexible power at a great price point. Ideal for running power to multiple devices in a home office or pantry, it’s Alexa- and Google Home-compatible and offers the added peace of mind of power consumption monitoring so you can remotely switch off power-greedy appliances in a pinch.

Rectangular intelligence. (Amazon/)

The Amazon Smart Plug is a great way to expand your home’s smart capabilities on a case-by-case basis. Control individual appliances such as lamps, air conditioners, fans and coffee makers remotely using your voice, or set them on a timer and never worry about manually powering them on and off again. No hub required, either—you can control this plug right from the Alexa app.