What Your Pinky Says About Your Personality And Character

When it comes to our hands, there’s one thing which we are always curious about — to understand the meaning of the lines on our hands. This is because the lines on our hands can give us hints about what the future holds in store for us. It also helps us understand the nature of an individual better. This technique is popularly known as palmistry and it helps reveal character traits and characteristics of a person by studying the shape, size, and lines of the palm and fingers. The history of palmistry can be traced back to ancient Chinese and Indian astrology. There are several records of the frescoes that have been found in historical ruins in India, which stands as proof that palmistry practices were popular in India since the ancient time.

There are three major lines, which are looked at when it comes to palm reading — the heart line, the head line, and the life line. These three lines help understand the emotional state and psychological development of a person. And, if you thought that it’s only the palm lines that form a part of palmistry, you’re wrong. Even the fingernails are also observed as it helps tell a lot about a person’s health, luck, and character. For example, nails that are glossy and smooth have a moderate hardness which signals good health of that particular person.

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But, if you ask what’s the easiest way to learn more about a person’s characters without having to do a course in psychology? We’d say that it’s by looking at the pinky finger. Yes, you read that right, peeps. Palmists also agree with this. The height of the litte finger or the pinky can actually help determine what type of person you are. There are three different personalities that can be identified and decoded through their pinky fingers, based on how long or short the little finger is with respect to the ring finger. Read on to know more about this.

Type A

Type A

This is about the even placement. You fall into the type A category if the top of your pinky finger stops right where the line of the top joint of the ring finger is.

So, if you’re type A personality, then you are probably a bit reserved, making you a natural introvert. You never open up in front of people, even to the ones who are close to you. Also, you wear the mask of being independent and stoic, which makes others believe that you love being on your own and don’t appreciate being disturbed.

If there is one thing that you cannot stand, it is the act of being dishonest. You are a very genuine person, which is why dishonest people are a major turn off for you.

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Also, just because you don’t open up doesn’t mean you don’t care. You are a very caring person who loves and goes out of the way to make life easy and comfortable for those near and dear to you.

Type B

Type B

Observe your pinky finger; if it crosses the height of the top joint of your ring finger, then you have a long pinky and you are a type B in this category. Type B’s are extremely sensitive and loyal to their close ones. When such people enter a new relationship, their SO becomes the center of their universe. If you are a type B, your SO is always on your mind and you often find yourself thinking of ways to make your partner feel more special.

Despite this, you prefer wearing a mask that shows your ability to be happy on your own without a significant other. When you set your mind on something, you strive hard to stay committed to it and do everything you can to reach the your goal.

So, overall, you keep your cool constantly, even under pressure, and you have a very non-confrontational and calm nature.

Type C

Type C

If your pinky finger doesn’t even manage to reach the top joint of your ring finger, then your pinky finger is short and you fall into the type C category.

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Type C’s are known to be extremely optimistic and have very lively personalities. There’s no way any negativity can linger onto them for long. If you are a type C, you believe in the policy of “forgive and forget.” The levels of energy that you are always pumped up with can at times make you a self-centered person. You find it difficult to cede an argument, especially when you feel your views or opinions regarding the same are right. However, you never stop yourself from apologizing when you’ve gone too far into the arguement.

Familiarity makes you feel very comfortable and you nurture a deep fear for everything unknown to you. Coming out of your comfortable cocoon will help you grow and become a better version of yourself.

So, the next time you get curious about the lines of your hands and what they mean, start with the pinky finger. It’s strange, but this little finger of ours can say quite a lot about us. So, which type is your pinky? Let us know in the comments below.

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