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You only have to make this easy Mediterranean breakfast once to enjoy it all week

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a morning person or a hit-snooze-10-times person, there just never seems to be enough time in the to accomplish what you want to get done before your time is no longer yours. (That goes double if you have kids.) Having the time to power up the stove, crack some eggs, and whip up a nourishing meal? Forget it. Which is exactly why when you come across a healthy breakfast recipe that you only have to make once but will feed you for days, it’s worth bookmarking.

Which is where this Spanish tortilla recipe from The Mediterranean Dish comes in. Not only will it feed you all week, but it has the perfect balance of veggies, protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Every single ingredient in this recipe is bursting with health benefits; there isn’t any part of it that isn’t benefitting the body in some way. A rundown: eggs, salt, paprika, oregano, extra virgin olive oil, russet potatoes, yellow onion, and scallions. (Pro tip: be generous with the paprika and oregano to really turn up the flavor.)

For added fiber, recipe developer Suzy Karadsheh enjoys a Spanish tortilla with a side of spinach arugula salad (which takes just three minutes to make). A focus on vegetables is a major component of the Mediterranean diet, so if you have other vegetables in your crisper about to go bad, work them into this recipe. Almost everything pairs well with eggs, so it’s hard to mess it up.

A foolproof recipe that helps give you your morning back? Now that’s a wellness win. Head here to get the full recipe.

Fore more easy breakfast recipes, check out this goddess bowl from the Well+Good Cookbook and this healthy cinnamon roll recipe.

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