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4 Powerful Techniques to Lose Fat Fast (And Sustainably)

In the following article, I will be covering several topics that ‘cutting fat’ encompasses. For example, I will present exercise as a modality, as I have done in the past, namely due to the fact that it has substantial research […]

How Are Daily Rituals Different from Daily Routines?

You turn it off. Count to ten. Stretch. Get up. Put the kettle on. Pat the dog. Have a shower. Make coffee. Turn on the news. Feel stressed. Turn off the news. Go to work while drinking coffee. Is that […]

How to Relieve Stress: 9 Quick Relaxation Techniques

According to The American Institute of Stress, finding one single definition of stress is difficult, since everyone experiences it in their own way. We can reference the age-old Epictetus quote that says, “people are disturbed not by a thing, but […]

6 Challenges in Life You Must Overcome to Become a Better Person

Life is an uncertain roller coaster. You can choose to embrace it and enjoy the ride, joyfully learning from your experiences along the way; or you can choose to rebel against all of life’s challenges, resenting every moment of your […]

How to Use Spaced Repetition to Remember What You’ve Learned

While learning is a simple concept on the surface, there is so much that the average person doesn’t know about the topic. For one, did you know that everything that we learned in school is taught to us ineffectively? While […]

7 Essential Success Tips to Achieve What You Want in Life

Have you ever wondered what makes a person successful and why some achieve easier than others? Over the years, I have followed numerous success tips to help me be and achieve the success that I craved. I thought I knew […]

17 Creative DIY Nightstands | Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Pick from these DIY nightstands ideas, and make your own before running your pockets dry for a similar yet expensive kind. RELATED: 13 Awesome Bedroom Organization Ideas You Can Do Before Holidays In this article: Make Your Own DIY Nightstand […]

Guy Makes ‘Love Pills’ Filled With Tiny Notes To Help His Girlfriend Deal With Anxiety

There’s a saying that you can’t buy happiness but as we’re living in these commercial-based times, certainly not all of us would agree. While surely welcome and useful, money is not necessary in every case.  Sometimes all it takes to […]