6 Fun And Creative Ocean Crafts To Keep Your Kids Busy

Sea creature crafts and ocean crafts for kids are very popular nowadays. With art projects that are centered on an ocean-themed craft, parents are able to teach their children about different sea animals and ocean creatures.

If you’re looking for fun ocean crafts that aren’t restricted to just shark crafts, jellyfish crafts, or octopus crafts, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Here Are Some Creative and Genius Ocean Crafts to Do With Your Kids!

1. Paper Roll Fish Crafts


Kicking off our list of fun ocean crafts to do with your kids is the classic underwater fish! Using tissue paper core, some paint, and some googly eyes, you can bring create some colorful fishes for you and your kids can play with.

As instructed in the video above. you have to flatten your tissue paper core first, so you have a better time at cutting the shape. With this project, you can create whatever fish your kids want in whatever colors they like.

Things to Consider:

  • If you don’t have googly eyes, do not worry! You can simply draw the eyes on with black marker, and you’re good to go!
  • This craft project is a great way to introduce your child or children to the different species of fish living in the ocean. You can also take it a step further by gluing on some popsicle sticks at the back of each fish and have your own puppet show.

2. Paper Roll Mermaids


Here’s another ocean crafts idea using tissue paper core–mermaids! This time, you don’t need to flatten the core as you glue the blue paper around it.

Once done, grab the part of the blue paper that is not glued onto the tissue paper core and twist carefully. Cut a V-shape in the middle to create your mermaid tail.

Things to Consider:

  • You can add all the mermaid elements that your children want to add, including the face, seashell bra, hair, and accessories! Of course, whatever element you add is totally up to you.
  • And who says you can only make mermaids? Go ahead and make mermen too!

3. Sea Shell Crabs


For this next project idea, why don’t you use a material that is actually from the ocean? Create crabs using actual seashells that you’ve gathered from the shore during one of your beach trips!

This is a very easy ocean crafts project that you can do with your kids in minutes. Simply paint your seashells the same color as your pipe cleaners, then cut the pipe cleaners and glue them on the underside of each seashell for the crab’s legs. Glue on a pair of googly eyes or draw on a pair of eyes using a black marker, and you’re done!

Things to Consider:

  • With the short amount of time needed to create this project, you can make as many crabs as you want in as many different colors.
  • You can place these DIY ocean crafts crabs in different areas of your home so your children can be reminded of their project. Or better yet, group them together and make the next project on our list!

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4. Tic Tac Toe Crabs

Using the crabs you’ve just made above, why not make a game board of tic tac toe? Talk about a genius idea that can save money and time!

Cut out your tic-tac-toe board from a piece of thick construction paper or cardboard, then draw lines to create nine squares. Pick two colors of your crabs, with each color having nine pieces each, and you’ve got yourself a brand new tic tac toe game!

Things to Consider:

  • If you’re thinking of pushing through with both the individual crabs and the tic-tac-toe projects, make sure that you explain to your children that they must commit to creating eighteen crabs in total.
  • That may seem daunting at first, but trust us, it’s totally worth it when your children begin playing the game and they learn to appreciate all the hard work that they’ve put in!

5. Ocean Slime

This next ocean crafts idea will surely excite your children because it involves one of the most trendy toys in the market at the moment–slime! That’s right, you can incorporate the ocean theme with slime!

To make the slime, mix equal parts of white glue and shaving foam in a bowl. Make sure to mix thoroughly to have a nice texture to the slime. Then, add in a few drops of blue food coloring and mix it in properly. After that, you can add and mix in your activator which is liquid starch.

Things to Consider:

  • Once you have your slime at the right consistency where it doesn’t stick to your hands, you can then add your ocean elements! Simply mix in some small styrofoam filler beads and some small ocean-inspired toys, and you have your ocean slime ready!

6. Sensory Ocean Bag

If you have younger children who need more of a sensory craft, then this project is perfect for you! With this sensory ocean bag, you can teach your children to appreciate the ocean while developing their senses at the same time.

On a piece of plastic zip bag, flip draw some ocean elements using permanent black and colored markers. Whatever ocean elements you want to put is up to you and your kids.

You can draw some corals at the bottom, some seaweeds, and of course, sea creatures!

Things to Consider:

  • After drawing, pour a small amount of water that you mixed in with the tiniest bit of blue food coloring. Seal the bag completely and you have your sensory ocean bag ready!
  • Make sure that your zip bag is sturdy and reliable because you wouldn’t want water dripping all over the place and making a mess.

6. Ocean in a Bottle

For the last project on our list of fun ocean crafts, you would need a few more stuff than all of the other projects above. While this may be the case, the result will totally be worth it!

Making their own ocean in a bottle will teach kids about the concept of oil vs. water and how they don’t mix, and will definitely make them more curious about the ocean.

So don’t be intimated by this project. The video tutorial above is very easy to follow and you’ll be so fulfilled when you’re done!

We hope we inspired you with our list of easy and very creative ocean crafts for your kids. No matter what project you choose to do, make sure that your children enjoy the whole process!

What did you think of this list? Tell us in the comments section below!


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