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DIY Cinco de Mayo Decorations And Crafts For Your Home Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is here again. These cinco de mayo decorations will ensure that you have a festive atmosphere during the celebration.

Celebrated on May 5 (hence the name) of every year, the event commemorates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza.

However, this year’s event will be a different one because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But don’t let the outbreak stop you from celebrating your Mexican heritage. Here are some decoration ideas to help you celebrate with your family.

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DIY Cinco de Mayo Decoration Ideas for Your Family Celebration

1. Ojo de Dios or God’s Eye Craft

This craft is a beautiful reminder of God’s loving watchful eye. While you have the option to make it simple or elaborate, the basic design makes it ideal for small hands. Here is the full tutorial on creating this craft.

2. Cinco de Mayo Paper Rosettes

Any Cinco de Mayo celebration will never be complete without these paper flowers. They contribute to creating a festive ambiance to the event. Here’s how to make this beautiful paper flowers .

3. Cinco de Mayo Mini Pinatas

Pinatas bring back memories when you were still little. They livened up any children’s party. Here are the steps for creating these mini pinatas.

4. Cinco de Mayo Sombrero

Groove to the beat of some Mexican music with this Cinco de Mayo hat or sombrero. Here’s how you can create your own hat.

5. Cinco de Mayo Mini Heart Pinata Place Cards


These place cards will add some color to your table. Perfect for sit-down celebrations when you need to have seating arrangements. You can add something sweet inside these cards. Here are the instructions on how to create these place cards.

6. Cinco de Mayo Maracas

This Cinco de Mayo maracas will go well with your sombrero. Once done, you can truly have a fiesta with your family. Follow these steps on how to create your maracas.

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7. Cinco de Mayo Muneca Quitapenas

These are worry dolls/trouble dolls that can help ease a child’s worry and can be used to make a wish. They are placed under the child’s pillow. It is said that it is the dolls that do the worrying while the child sleeps. Here’s how to make these dolls.

8. Cinco de Mayo Mariachi Guitar

This will make a great addition to your kids pretending to be part of a mariachi band. Here are the steps on how to create your own Mariachi guitar and make your celebration even more fun.

9. Cinco de Mayo Floral Headband


This floral headband can be a good costume for your Cinco de Mayo celebration or even a bridal wedding headpiece for Mexican-themed weddings. Here are the steps for creating your Cinco de Mayo floral headband.

10. Cinco de Mayo Cactus Pinata Banner

This cactus banner can spice up your wall making it the perfect party decoration. Just string it up on the wall to make a colorful event. Here are the steps on how to make your own cactus banner.

Watch this video by PattyCakes to give you an inspiration for Cinco de Mayo decorations for your at-home party. 

These 10 Cinco de Mayo decoration ideas can help spice up your celebration at home during this quarantine.

Do you know how to make Cinco de Mayo decorations? Share us your suggestions on the comment section below. 


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