I Made The Fastfood Trio Out Of Thrift Shop Busts

I was wandering around the thrift shop, hoping to find something crazy like every other week.

After a few old lamps and some fades of clothes, I saw these three composers staring at me.

I do like some classical music once in a while, so my attention was drawn to these little guys. They would be an excellent addition to my workplace, which I was renovating. But they were a bit boring. “Would kids today even know these guys?” was going through my mind. Well, if they were Ronald McD or Colonel Sanders, they would… I didn’t hesitate and sprinted to the cash desk.

Sculpting is pretty new to me, so I was new to the challenge. Not knowing if this project would work out, I started sculpting. It took me about two days to make the Colonel and Ronald. Even I was surprised at how they turned out. I got a bit scared and waited a bit to start on the Burger King. After almost four days, I finished the fast-food trio.

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Bach, Strauss and Mozart before the customization.

Strauss to Colonel Sanders

Bach to Ronald McDonald

Mozart to The Burger King