The best mandolines for a superior slice

These slicers offer consistency and ease.

These slicers offer consistency and ease. (Wilhelm Gunkel via Unsplash/)

Sometimes a knife just won’t cut it when it comes to getting thinly sliced produce. A mandoline can give you a slim, uniform sliver that will cook evenly every time. Many mandolines have extra features to customize your cuts, making them a great tool for creating appetizing meals that will look and taste great. Here are some fantastic options for your slicing needs; get ready to get cookin’.

Master making potato chips.

Master making potato chips. (Amazon/)

This mandoline from Mueller will change the way you slice forever. Grab your pickles, potatoes, carrots, radishes, and anything else you have because you will want to slice the day away. It comes with five interchangeable blades: a slicer, shredder, coarse shredder, grater, and wavy blade for the perfect cut. Each one is made from sharp, German, surgical grade stainless steel that can cut through the toughest root vegetables, which is why it’s so great that this mandoline comes with a slicing guard. You can easily adjust your desired thickness to be between 1 and 9 millimeters; so break out the dip and enjoy your perfectly sliced chips.

Do it all.

Do it all. (Amazon/)

You can do practically anything you want with this slicer because it has six different functions. It comes with a 3-millimeter and 5-millimeter mandoline blade, a grater, a julienne blade, a spiralizer, and an attachment for ribbon cut veggies. Everything you slice falls directly into the included tray for fast, easy clean-up. This set comes with a finger guard, protective glove, and blade organizer to keep your kitchen safe at all times. The durable blade won’t get rusty and everything is dishwasher safe, so you are free to keep all your attention on the food.

Upgrade your chop. (Amazon/)

This Mandoline from OXO is a quality choice for a quality slice. There are over 21 unique settings in 0.5-millimeter increments on the dynamic kitchen gadget. This slicer is easy to use; with an indicator window that displays the thickness setting, a spring-loaded food holder with a wide rim that will not only protect your fingers but store sliced food. The Japanese blades are angled and two-sided so you can get simple slices, crinkle cut, julienne, and more out of your produce. You might even be able to slice up some salami for the perfect appetizer.

A cut above the rest. (Amazon/)

Listen, sometimes we don’t need fancy equipment to get the job done and Benriner knows that. Benriner is a household name when it comes to kitchen classics and they have done a great job with their vegetable slicer. This slicer comes with three removable blades that can be individually sharpened and will give you great shapes. You can easily adjust the thickness setting using the knobs on the side of the device and get a ready to serve paper thin slice. It comes highly recommended by commercial chefs and would make a great addition to your kitchen.