This Pallet Bar In My Backyard Cost Me Only $112 To Make

My name is Paul Nowak, and I’m a hobbyist woodworker from Sheffield, in jolly old England. My latest woodworking project was a resounding success! I constructed a beautiful, stylish, black-painted bar almost entirely out of pallets and scraps of wood. Always wanted to make a home garden bar, as we spend family time in garden. The bar took two days to build after I collected everything together.

I’ve always wanted a bar in the garden so I got some pallets and knocked it together

This little project of mine cost me only around 90 pounds (112 dollars). Once I got all the materials I needed for the bar, the actual building part was fairly quick — it took me only a couple days, from start to finish. I got most of the materials I needed all for free: the pallets and crates cost absolutely nothing. However, I did need to spend some money on the roof (that was around 40 pounds or 50 dollars), the paint (around 30 pounds; 37 dollars), and some odds and ends. A good mate of mine owns a pub, so he gave me some beer mats and other things for free.

It took me a couple of days after I got all the stuff I needed to put it together

I’ve always liked woodwork, I should have done it when I left school but I never did

I even installed a working fridge in my bar, so all my drinks can stay nice and cool, and there’s no need to go running into the kitchen every time I feel a bit thirsty. I always loved woodworking and sometimes I still wonder, what would have happened if I took it up professionally after leaving school. I do decking for friends and family, but this is the very first bar I’ve built. However, it’s just the first of many bars, I hope. My friends and family loved my project and it’s been amazing, how people have reacted to my bar online. I’ve already gotten over 47,000 likes and 75,000 comments. All I need now is a sponsor or a business to help me keep this going.

I got the pallets for nothing, the crates were nothing

40 [pounds] for the roof…with paint (about £30) it was 80 or 90 [pounds]

My mate’s got his own bar so he gave me all the beer mats and that

This is the first bar I have done – first of many I hope

Friends and family love it!

My bar got quite a bit of attention from everyone, including Celtic Marches Beverages. They liked it so much that they stocked it full of delicious drinks. Cheers!