Thyroid, PCOD & Obesity to Winning Mrs Earth: Delhi Army Wife’s Journey

Do you think walking on the tight ropes of fitness and healthy living after marriage and childbirth is a joke? Well, think again. Women have been known to fight the odds of the patriarchal society, norms, and stereotypes for ages. […]

Is green juice really the end-all, be-all of wellness?

 Ah, green juice. Is there anything more emblematic of the wellness movement? The starring vegetable may change (spinach, kale, and now celery juice), but green juice in general has stood the test of time—unlike Jazzercise and Jane Fonda workout videos. […]

Healthy battle: Cottage cheese goes up against Greek yogurt

When it comes to popularity in the dairy department, Greek yogurt typically comes out on top. Smooth with Mediterranean flair, it’s grabbed by the armful to be used in smoothies, dips, or on its own topped with fruit and granola. […]

The Best Keto BBQ Sauce to Save You From Boring Food

Summer is coming and with that comes the constant smell of something grilling. However, for those living a ketogenic diet, it may seem as if boring grilled bites are in the future. Not so. As keto has caught on as […]

‘Doctors only spend one hour learning about nutrition in four years of medical school—it’s not enough’

“Food is medicine.” It’s a refrain you hear a lot—including from doctors. Which is why it’s surprising news that MDs aren’t taught exactly how food and wellness are connected in medical school. According to integrative and functional medicine Frank Lipman, […]

Couples In Loving Relationships Tend To Gain Weight More Than Single People Do, Says This Study

Being in love is said to be one of the most overwhelming feelings in the world. Every single person experiences it in a different way which makes it all the more special. No two couples would ever have the same […]

Small Bedroom Decorating Tips

Buying a home in the present time is a huge investment and a great accomplishment owing to the splurging rates in the real estate world. People these days buy a home that suits their budget without paying much heed to […]

7 healthy vegetarian recipes to make in your Instant Pot

Whether you are trying to minimize your meat consumption through Meatless Mondays or adhere to a vegetarian diet full-time, it’s easy to cycle through the same handful of meat-free recipes. (Yes, it is definitely possible to get sick of veggie […]

Confused about CBD? These are the 5 most commonly asked questions, answered by an industry insider

Unless you haven’t refreshed your Instagram (or the internet) in the past year, you know that CBD is all the rage within the wellness bubble as an all-around game-changer for staying balanced. But even though CBD has become a staple […]