4 June 2021

Exfoliating Foot Scrub with Essential Oils

Tired and achy feet are common complaints, especially for those who have jobs that required standing all day. One of my favorite ways to manage my foot care is through gentle exfoliation, also known as a foot scrub. A simple walk on the beach can provide this, but since most of […]
4 June 2021

Spring Cleaning Benefits for Your Health & Home

Spring is a season that for many people brings to mind thoughts of a fresh start. It makes sense then that it can feel great to give your home a refreshing, top-to-bottom spring cleaning when the weather starts getting warmer — and it turns out it can be good for […]
4 June 2021

Pre-Poo at Home for Hydrated, Soft & Shiny Hair

Pre-poo might sound like something you do to aid digestion, and while it is done in the bathroom, it’s a method that benefits the health of your hair, not your bowels. Pre-pooing is what you do before shampooing your hair in order to provide moisture and improve hair texture. By […]
4 June 2021

Box Breathing: The Benefits for Calming the Body & Mind (Plus How to Do It)

Breathwork — which describes conscious, controlled breathing done especially for relaxation, meditation or therapeutic purposes — is a natural way to help manage stress. That’s because breathing is capable of influencing your mental, emotional and physical state. One example of a popular type of breathwork is called box breathing. Box breathing is […]
4 June 2021

Healthy, Easy Chocolate Banana Muffins Recipe

When you can’t decide between breakfast and dessert, these chocolate banana muffins are a delicious choice. They’re made with gluten-free flour and naturally sweetened with ripe bananas for a healthy option that will satisfy your sweet tooth. You probably already have everything on hand to make these tasty treats, too […]
4 June 2021

Gluten-Free Homemade Berry Tart Recipe

Berry lovers, rejoice: Spring is finally here, and that means goodbye to frozen winter fruit and hello to fresh, juicy berries. I have the perfect way to celebrate these delightful little fruits: this fresh berry tart recipe. Just the word “tart” can be enough to send even experienced cooks fleeing […]
4 June 2021

Paleo Muffins with Almond Meal and Cacao Nibs

Muffins are a great way to get in a quick breakfast or enjoy a hearty snack. But good luck finding a healthy, already-made muffin. For starters, just one muffin might set you back hundreds of calories, with heaps of refined sugar and other unsavory ingredients. And if you need a […]
4 June 2021

Avocado Ranch Dressing Recipe

Store-bought dressings and condiments are often packed with unhealthy ingredients and preservatives — and they can be quite expensive, too. That’s why I prefer making my own, like this Avocado Ranch Dressing. It’s a tasty twist on traditional ranch dressings.  Using goat milk kefir and benefit-rich avocados makes this dressing super […]
29 March 2021

Treating Inflammation Naturally: How to Heal from Sore Muscles, Joint Pain, and More

Treating Inflammation Naturally: How to Heal from Sore Muscles, Joint Pain, and More BY MEGHAN MCDONALD Share: 212 0 190 Did You Know? Inflammation and inflammation-related diseases are one of the most commonly reported and diagnosed medical conditions with over 44% of Americans (125 million people) [1] diagnosed with a […]
26 December 2020

What Are Legumes Good For? Top 6 Benefits and More

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of them and an even better chance you’ve had them on your plate at some point. But exactly what are legumes? These “seeds” are packed in fiber and protein, plus an array of vitamins and minerals, particularly the best legumes to eat. They’re low […]
5 September 2020

Cucumber Nutrition: Helps You Detox & Lose Weight

You may have always assumed that cucumbers were full of water but offered little other nutrients. Well, think again when it comes to cucumber nutrition. What are the benefits of eating cucumbers? As you’ll learn below, they’re more than just a way to make pickles or reduce puffiness around your […]
4 July 2020

Bladderwrack Benefits for Thyroid Health, Digestion & More

As is the case with so many of the Earth’s herbs, bladderwrack has been used in alternative and folk medicine for centuries. Now, this nutrient-dense seaweed in gaining popularity in the natural health space as a nutritional supplement. Seaweeds are known for their key nutrients and health-promoting compounds, and bladderwrack […]
27 June 2019

51 Anniversary Ideas To Show Your Partner How Much You Love Them

Anniversaries come every year to mark the special day you both had chosen to unite and spend the rest of your lives together. It is important that you make it not only special but also memorable. The best part is, you need not spend a lot of money to do […]
27 June 2019

21 Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend

Everyone loves to be surprised by their better half. Relationships take a lot of work, and one of the essential things to remember is that if the romance fizzles out, so will the relationship. Keeping the romance alive doesn’t require too much effort. You only need to put in time, […]
27 June 2019

101 Questions To Ask Your Crush

When you have a crush on someone, it is almost impossible to think straight. You get all tongue-tied and nervous, and they never get to know what an amazing person you are. The only way to ever make your fantasies come true is to start a conversation with them and […]
26 June 2019

101 Questions To Determine How Well You Know Your Partner

It doesn’t matter whether you have been in a relationship with your bae for a few months or a few years, there are still so many things that you probably don’t know about them. We all like to think that nobody knows our significant other as well as we do. […]
4 June 2021

Uva Ursi: How Bearberry Can Support the Skin & Urinary Tract

Prior to the invention of antibiotics, indigenous people used various plants and herbal remedies to deal with issues including infections. One example is the plant called uva ursi, or bearberry, which has been used as a natural remedy for UTIs (urinary tract infections) for hundreds of years. Leaf extracts made from uva […]
4 June 2021

Egg Collagen Benefits Your Joints, Skin & More

Collagen — including chicken, bovine, fish and egg collagen — is the most abundant protein found throughout the human body and one of the most vital proteins in the body. It’s what gives our skin its strength and elasticity. In addition to our skin, collagen is most commonly found in […]
4 June 2021

Fish Collagen: The Anti-Aging Protein with the Best Bioavailability

Wondering about major sources of collagen? Fish collagen definitely tops the list. While there are benefits associated with all animal collagen sources, fish collagen peptides are known to have the best absorption and bioavailability due to their smaller particle sizes compared to other animal collagens, making them antioxidant powerhouses. Bioavailability is highly important since it […]
4 June 2021

Chicken Collagen Benefits Digestion, Immunity & Skin Health

You might not be surprised that chickens contain collagen just like us, but did you know that chicken collagen is actually used as medicine? It’s true. This type of protein is used to treat an array of health conditions, including arthritis, back and neck pain, and pain caused by surgery. You’re […]
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