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Epsom Salt For Acne: Is It Really Effective?

Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is a mineral compound that offers numerous health, skin care, and beauty benefits. From soothing aching muscles to revitalizing your skin, Epsom salt is believed to offer a wide range of detoxifying effects and therapeutic benefits. […]

Robert Monroe & the Science of Astral Travel

For nearly half a century, Robert Monroe has been the “out-of-body” man, the man who took the subject of astral travel out of the realm of religious or occultist dogma and plopped it right in the middle of mainstream America, […]

How to Fix a Broken Marriage And Save Your Relationship

When you are a child and dream of your “happily ever after,” it never dawns on you that your marriage might not end up that way. I mean, let’s face it – all the Disney movies in the world never, […]

Avocado’s health benefits make them well-worth the hype, says this top dietitian

There are only three things absolutely certain in life: death, taxes, and the fact that everyone will always love avocados. The beloved healthy fruit, for better or for worse, has even moved off our plates to make its mark on pop […]

The Best Vitamins for Men

In an ideal world, we would all eat very low-processed, organic and nutrient-dense diets filled with all sorts of foods that provide us with the vitamins we need. But this isn’t always possible or realistic for many men, leaving a […]

The most unexpected, surprising quality of each Myers-Briggs personality type

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can be a great tool to help you understand yourself and others. That said, if you’ve ever poked around the internet, you’re probably aware of just how easy it is to pigeonhole the types, which can, […]

15 gifts for every plant lover in your life, from your work wife to your woo-woo BFF

We all know someone who’s, like, the ultimate plant lady. Her home features gorgeous greenery in every room. Her desk at work has the cutest mini succulent next to her monitor. When other people whip out their phones showing people […]

These Fashion-Forward Lunch Boxes Are Perfect for Work (or Back to School)

Looking for a lunchbox with a little life in it? We’ve got you covered with some of the coolest, most colorful, and fashion-forward lunch boxes you can buy. “Back to school…back to school…to prove to dad that I’m not a […]

A Guide to Barbecuing Internationally: From Kansas to Korean BBQ

The world of barbecue is big—these are some international BBQ styles you and your grill should get to know. As one who grew up in a northern American state, most of my life I thought of the word barbecue as […]

These Vegan Cheeses Are (Almost) as Good as the Real Thing

If you ask the average vegan what the hardest part of making the switch was, you’ll most often get a resounding “cheese.” Sure, almond milk’s not as creamy as cow’s milk, and nothing packs a protein punch quite like eggs […]

What Is the Difference Between Beef and Angus Beef?

It’s a bit of a rarity these days, but sometimes big questions do have simple answers. For example: What is the difference between beef and Angus beef? Easy: The breed of cattle. Seriously. “Angus” merely refers to beef that comes […]

The plant-powered food that fuels a dance cardio instructor every day

When it comes to healthy eating, DanceBody trainer Sam Ostwald doesn’t count calories. She doesn’t log her macros or mentally calculate her carbs. In fact, she doesn’t track anything. “I eat when I’m hungry and definitely treat myself when I’m […]

Best Kitchen Items for the Foodie Baby

Let’s face it, babies have a lot of needs. They need to be held, rocked, hushed, slept, and one of the most fun parts, fed! Selecting from the myriad of baby kitchen products can be overwhelming. But we narrowed down […]

10 Types Of Friends We All Have

Friends are the family we choose — aren’t they? Even if you’re an introvert, you’ll still have one or two friends who will connect with you. You can share anything and everything with your friends, even things that you cannot […]

Innocent Railway Path in Edinburgh, Scotland

Next to Holyrood Park, near the foot of Arthur’s Seat lies a pathway that runs partially underground. It was once Edinburgh’s first railway line, where horse-drawn trams started bringing coal to Edinburgh from the mines further south. It started operating […]

9 must-have cookbooks for every type of keto dieter

Figuring out what to make for dinner is a never ending struggle for everyone, but when you’re adhering to an eating plan with a lengthy list of rules, it can be even more challenging. Many people say they have benefitted […]

It’ll soon be easier than ever to get your collagen fix

Collagen just may be the worst kept health secret in the wellness world. Everyone, it seems (vegans aside) raves about its beauty– and digestion-boosting powers—yet despite its occurring naturally in foods like fish, meat, and eggs, the ingredient has remained […]

The Best Mops, Wipes, and Brushes for Life’s Little (and BIG!) Spills

Whether you’re an obsessive cleaner or someone who views mopping as the worst possible chore, we’ve rounded up cleaning supplies that will make your life much easier—and tidier. From kitchen scrubbing sponges to tile-cleaning mops, these products will have your […]

8 Healthy Low-Carb Summer Desserts

We’re entering a bit of a golden age for low-carbohydrate recipes and food options. Thanks in part to the keto craze (and the Atkins Diet before it) you can find a cauliflower version of just about anything, but desserts—generally high […]

If you’re posting #prayforAmazon on social media, it might be time to reconsider your beef consumption

After a day spent off Instagram yesterday, I dived into my feed for a few minutes before bed to check in on the latest in #hotgirlsummer content. But instead of a series of smoldering selfies, I found shocking images of […]

The sneaky foods that could be making your BMs super smelly

Here’s a fun conversation starter (or ender) for you to whip out the next time you’re on a bad date: Poop is not actually supposed to smell bad. While poop has its own…special aroma, it’s not supposed to stink so […]

Power Food Health – Your Guide To a happy and healthy lifestyle

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