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Little Girl With Alopecia Rocks School ‘Crazy Hair Day’

Janice Reed of Utah was diagnosed with alopecia or hair loss. But despite the illness, this 7-year-old girl did not let go of her crazy haircuts at school!

“There are no drugs or therapies that he could receive. She may take steroids, but as soon as she stops, her hair will fall off again, “said Daniela’s mother, Janessa.

7-year-old girl with alopecia flashes to school with her crazy “haircut” despite serious illness

So on the day of crazy haircuts, Daniela devised an original solution for her daughter not to miss the party.

She stuck glittering stickers on Janessa’s head.

Little Girl With Alopecia

“For us today is a crazy head day! I have to say it looks amazing! ”Daniela wrote on social media.

We totally agree! Not only does Janessa look great but she has proven to be wonderful to be different.

This little girl is a great inspiration to all people who have some physical disability. Janessa is real proof that you should not be afraid to be unique and that you should keep your face smiling despite all life’s hardships.

Little Girl With Alopecia

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