Science Says Silence Is Vital For Our Brains

We are surrounded by the noise every now and then. We are so used to “acoustic pollution” that we consider noise to be completely normal and do not pay attention to crowds, traffic, music or TV.

Silence is beneficial and soothing, silence is a cure and a place to think. The scientists provide several reasons why we should respect silence more.

Silence helps regenerate brain cells

According to a 2013 study on the effect of different noise levels on mice, two hours of silence a day helped to form new cells in the hippocampus – a brain area responsible for learning, memory, and emotions.

Silence makes us more creative

Our brains are active even when the body is resting. During the holidays, it processes and stores the information we received during the day. When this process goes well, without interference with sounds (or any other interference), the brain incorporates a mode that integrates emotions and memories, provokes imagination, and expands and opens our possibilities. As a result of being quiet, we become more creative and open.

Silence calms stress and tension

Constant noise has been shown to affect our brains, leading to increased levels of stress hormones. Silence, on the contrary, has quite the opposite effect. The absence of noise reduces tension in the brain and body. The researchers tracked changes in blood pressure and circulation and came to the conclusion that two minutes of silence was more effective in relaxation than listening to any relaxing music.

Silence renews our mental resources

Noise interferes with our problem-solving, whether we are learning or working. This can be a reason for the decrease in motivation, attention, and an increase in the number of mistakes. Studies have shown that children who live or go to school near clogged streets have lower grades when it comes to reading and languages ​​than children living in quieter environments. Interestingly, the brain can recover what is lost as a result of the noise.

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