remote computer repair

Remote Computer Repair

Is your computer running slow? Does your Windows take time to load all your applications? Does your software take time to open? I can help you speed up your computer so it will be faster than ever. I will fix and repair any computer and laptop problems.

My services:

-Fix any Windows error message

-Repair any Windows problems and issues

-Software installations

-Technical support for Internet issues

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-PC Tuneup/Optimization

-Security Upgrades

-I will remove virus/spyware/malware

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-Windows Cleanup/ Virus & Malware removal for a FASTER computer

-Tutorials and Consultation for computer related matters

-Data recovery

-Startup problems

-Fix blue screen problems

-Windows Troubleshooting/Repair

-Hardware recommendations (PC building)

-Computer and network security

-Website design and creation ( WordPress )

-Laptop repair

-And more services

Windows 7 , 8 , 10

I will use TeamViewer to fix, repair, clean and speed up your computer

or laptop.

You can message me for any computer related problem. I will be glad to help you

Remote Computer Repair



remote computer repair