10 Best Lysine Rich Foods

Did you know that Lysine is an essential building block of the body and it stimulates collagen production? Did you know that lysine rich foods can also help you overcome herpes infections? Well, if you are wondering what lysine is and how it helps your body, then you have arrived at the right place!

Read this post and find out about Lysine, its uses and interactions, and foods that contain this essential amino acid.

What Is Lysine?

Lysine is an essential amino acid, which means that it isn’t produced by the body and you need to consume foods high in lysine or supplements to get the required amount of lysine in your system. Lysine stimulates collagen production and helps your body absorb calcium. (1)

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Apart from helping create collagen and aiding calcium absorption, lysine has other uses as well (2), which include:

Cold Sores:

Studies conclude that lysine can help treat cold sores. Lysine can be either consumed or used topically as a cream to reduce cold sores and inflammation.

Reduces Stress:

Some studies observed that lysine helped reduce anxiety in males and stress in females.


Lysine is essential for the body and has many benefits. However, lysine can have some adverse effects and you should take care when you consume this amino acid. (3)

Side Effects:

Although lysine is usually ingested and is mostly safe, it can lead to side effects like stomach upsets, bloating, constipation and even diarrhea. (4)

Pregnant/Nursing Women:

There has been little study on the efficacy and safety of consuming lysine while you are lactating or pregnant. So, stay on the safe side and avoid an excess of lysine rich foods during pregnancy. (5)

Kidney Disease:

Some studies have linked lysine to kidney disease risk. In some cases, lysine worsened the symptoms of kidney disease. Always check with your physician before you consume lysine. (6)

Now that you know a good deal about lysine, read on to know which foods contain this amino acid!.

Top 10 Lysine Rich Foods:

1. Parmesan Cheese:

This is the richest source of all milk-based proteins, and is crammed with most essential amino acids. Parmesan cheese is quite popular in the kitchen and it boasts of 151% of the lysine RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake).

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2. Roasted Beef:

Roasted beef is delicious and loaded with protein. It also contains high levels of many essential amino acids and contains around 171% of the lysine RDI.

3. Cooked Chicken Breast:

Cooked chicken breast is another popular protein source, which contains many essential amino acids. It is also rich in lysine with around 148% of the lysine RDI.

4. Tuna (Cooked):

Although any type of oily/fatty fish would do, tuna is especially rich in lysine, boasting of 123% of the lysine RDI.

5. Roasted Soybeans:

Soybeans are one of the most nutritious foods out there. They are an excellent source of most essential amino acids and they are crammed with vegetable-based proteins. They boast of a 125% lysine RDI.

6. Pork (Cooked):

Pork is quite popular in most European nations and is also enjoyed by millions all around the world. Pork is rich in animal-protein and contains many essential amino acids, boasting of a 131% lysine RDI.

7. Shrimp (Cooked):

Seafood like shrimp, crab, prawns or lobsters are protein rich and contain most essential amino acids. Cooked shrimp boasts of a 103% lysine RDI value.

8. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are rich in fruit based proteins and other essential amino acids. Among these essential amino acids, it also contains around 67% of the lysine RDI.

9. Eggs (Raw):

Eggs are probably the most favorite breakfast of all time. All over the world, people consume eggs in some form or the other. Raw eggs are good for consuming post workout and are rich in protein. Eggs boast of 43% of the lysine RDI.

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10. White Beans:

Used to prepare many different kinds of foods all over the world, white beans are crammed with essential amino acids like lysine, and contain 32% of the lysine RDI.

So, include these lysine rich foods in your diet today and help curb many health problems. To tell us about any other foods rich in lysine that we might have missed here, leave a comment below.

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