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5 Vaastu Tips To Attract Positive Energy To Your Room

Have you ever walked into a place and felt a certain vibe/energy that affected your state of mind or soul? The vibe would have made you happy or sad for some reason, right? It’s true, often times we either feel a sense of eerie coldness or a blissful calmness in places we live in or visit. This is because of the presence of energy which is present everywhere around us. And it is this energy that consciously or unconsciously affects our soul and mind.

In this entire universe, if there is one place where we want to feel our most positive at, it has to be our home. Because at the end of the day, it is our home which is our happy place and we always look forward to living a blessed life with our family in our peaceful abode. And when it comes to our home, it’s our room where we get our “me” time and relax to gain back our equilibrium after spending a hectic day with other humans. Therefore it’s very important to maintain our room in a way that it radiates positive energy.

So, what helps us build a home with positive energy? Vaastu is the answer to it! Vaastu is an architectural science that has been in practice since the ancient times. Following its principles helps us create a peaceful and harmonious environment in our bedrooms and in our houses

Let’s take a look at five useful Vaastu tips that will help bring positive energy in our rooms.

1. Gracious Entrance

Gracious Entrance


Beauty is considered to be very attractive and it doesn’t just attract humans, it also attracts positivity. Set up the entrance of your room in a very eye-catching manner such that any positive energy that passes by gets attracted and enters your room. Don’t keep anything that obstructs the free flow of energy inside your room. Also, make sure there is no window right opposite to the door of your room because this will form an exit door for the positivity in your room.

2. Basking In Glorious Sunlight

Basking In Glorious Sunlight


Sun, which is considered to be the greatest source of energy is also an important element of the Vaastu world. When you’re constructing your house make sure that you make space for the sunlight to seep through. Sunlight eradicates the negative energy from spaces. Therefore, always remember to keep the windows of your room open in the morning to help your room soak in the positive energy provided by the sun.

3. The Magic Of Colors

The Magic Of Colors


All the colors that we see in nature around us, all of them exist for a reason. Each color has its own role to play not just in nature, but also in our lives. Modern architecture these days are surely endorsing monochrome colors, neutral shades, etc. But when we ask you to add a bit of color to your room, we don’t really mean color your walls up brightly. You can include colors in the form of decorative elements too. We recommend using the colors of the rainbow, as it can make your room very lively. Do this and you’ll notice a positive change in the vibe of your room.

4. Declutter Your Spaces

Declutter Your Spaces


Keeping the personal spaces of your home clear and clean is what forms the fundamental principles of Vaastu. Clutter in spaces obstructs the flow of positive energy inside a living space. The more cluttered your room is, the more negative energy has been piling up in your room. An organized room can bring mental peace and happiness to you.

By decluttering here, we mean not just tidying up your place. We also recommend you to get rid of broken, unused, and damaged items from your room. Keeping them will only obstruct the flow of positive energy in your room. And if you have anything in your room that reminds you of an unpleasant memory, throw it away without thinking twice. By doing all these you can instantly feel the positive vibe in your room.

5. Bring In Serenity With Music

Bring In Serenity With Music


You must agree, the sound of music has the power to fill your soul with positivity. Include elements in your room which can create music. For example, a temple bell at the entrance of your room, or wind chimes near the window. The sounds of these are very soothing to the mind. Or simply play your favorite music whenever you are relaxing in your room. They say that the sound of water is like a healing therapy for the body and mind. Get yourself a décor item which has flowing water in it, a small fountain perhaps. You get a lot of these in decor stores, both online and offline.

Simple changes like the ones mentioned above can bring in a lot of positivity to your room. But let’s not forget that the change needs to start with us too. We need to practice optimism and learn to live a positive mindset. This alone is enough to fill all the spaces you’re living in with positivity. Do you know of any other Vaastu tips that can help keep one imbue their living space with positive energy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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