8 Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter, also known as the Resurrection Sunday or Pascha, is a celebrated festival among the Christian community worldwide. It is meant to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from his tomb. The most fun part of this festival happens to be the tradition of gifting “Easter eggs.”

The egg is symbolic of new life in plenty of ancient cultures and that is why eggs are an inherent part of Easter celebrations. Although, it is uncertain as to who started this association.

Easter eggs are nothing but decorated eggs which are gifted by people to their close ones on the occasion of Easter. Earlier, the tradition involved dye-painting chicken eggs, however, custom decorations have become the norm now. People put on their creative hats and decorate eggs; some even make chocolate eggs and then decorate them.

If you are looking for some out-of-the-box ideas to decorate your Easter eggs this Easter, here’s a list of some creative ways of doing it:

1. Make Them Glitter Ready

Make Them Glitter Ready


If you love all things bling, then why not add that element to the Easter eggs as well? The eggs will be eye-catchy and look like they are the star of the show! All you’ll need for this is glitter gels, which will be available in the stationary mart near you.

If you can’t find them, just buy some glitter powder and mix it with some transparent glue. Take a brush and paint the egg with the glitter-glue mixture and let it dry. Paint the whole egg with glitter or you can also make patterns such as the polka dots on it.

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2. Gold Foil Them Up

Gold Foil Them Up


You know that you can use different colored foils to wrap the eggs (real or the chocolate ones) to make them look royal, right? But how about using actual gold foil? You know, the one which is edible and is used to decorate desserts? You can buy some of it and paste it on the egg in a random pattern. You would be pretty happy with the result.

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3. Hand Paint Simple Designs

Hand Paint Simple Designs


Often times, we think that painting Easter eggs requires a lot of skill. And this obviously isn’t true at all. All you need is a palette of acrylic colors and a paint brush with a fine tip. Think of this brush as your regular sketch pen and use it to paint the eggs with simple designs. The sun, or a simple flower with some leaves, a bird or just plain grass — try these designs and you’ll be blown away by the outcome.

4. Make Your Own Pysanka Eggs

Make Your Own Pysanka Eggs

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A pysanka egg is a Ukrainian Easter egg. The pysanka egg is decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs. The word pysanka here comes from the Ukrainian word pysaty which translates to “to write.”

The painting on these eggs is made using a wax-resist and dyeing method. It’s very similar to block printing. Beeswax is used to section the eggs, and later on, the sections are filled with designs. Some pysanka eggs are decorated to contain hidden messages in them. And it’s these intricate designs and little details that make pysanka eggs so beautiful and unique. You can create your own pysanka egg by following the DIY tutorials that are available online.

5. Lace The Eggs

Lace The Eggs


The easiest way to make your Easter eggs look classy is to lace them. Either you paint the eggs in the color of your choice or let them be their natural self. Pick a cute lace with a simple, elegant design and just wrap it around the egg like you gift wrap presents with a ribbon. An Easter egg decorated with lace will look elegant and classy.

6. Make The Eggs Floral With Glue

Make The Eggs Floral With Glue


We totally feel you if you are bad at drawing even the simplest of the designs like a small flower or can’t even doodle the sun. If you belong to this clan of creative folks, then this way of decorating Easter eggs comes as a boon to you. All you need is a pretty, floral gift wrap and some glue. Cut out the floral details from the gift wrap and with the help of the glue, paste them on the egg. And voila! Sophisticated-looking, floral Easter eggs are ready.

7. Unicorn Easter Eggs

Unicorn Easter Eggs


If you’re a unicorn lover, then you can display your unicorn love on the Easter eggs too. Make unicorn horns by twisting paper and painting it with gold. Make paper flowers and other details. With the help of glue, paste them on the top of the oblong side of the egg. Use a marker pen to draw the eyes of the unicorn. Kids will surely love these unicorn-faced eggs!

8. Emoji-fy The Eggs

Emoji-fy The Eggs


Who doesn’t love emojis? We use these cute icons to communicate our emotions. Our online chats wouldn’t be as interesting as they are right now, if it weren’t for the emojis, right? You can paint your favorite emojis on the eggs as well. The cheeky emoji, the ROFL emoji, the hug emoji — pick your favorite ones and make your Easter eggs emoji-friendly.

We all know that creativity can’t be contained by boundaries. And in the spirit of that, we compiled these interesting ways to help you decorate your Easter eggs this year. Do you know of any other easy way to do it? Let us know in the comments below.

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