How To Include Everyday Sarees In Your Bridal Trousseau: Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Show Us

When you think of wedding prep, one big part of it is getting your bridal trousseau together. The word trousseau comes from the French verb trousser which means to “bundle up”, and it means that the bride will have to bundle up her belongings which will include her clothes and other wares as she prepares for the upcoming change in her life.

Fittingly, one’s trousseau must be symbolic of this life-altering change. Though more often than not, it’s a collection of the evergreen Banarasi sarees which form the bottom of the wardrobe of one’s new house awaiting their turn to be worn by their mistress.

Since sarees are an essential component of an Indian bridal trousseau, you can’t do away with them. What you can do though is reimagine the kind of sarees you can include in your bridal trousseau. Yes, instead of including heavy brocade sarees, you can go for breezy, everyday ones. Let us show you how by giving the examples of our favorite stylish celebs —SonamKapoorAhujaandKareenaKapoor Khan:

1. This Smouldering Classic

This Smouldering Classic

felicianotenorio / Instagram

The bold polka dot print gives this saree a vintage feel. Here, Kareena is giving us some serious fashion goals in this avatar. The simple saree has been made festive by accessorizing it with chunky silver chaandbaalis. Just like Kareena, you too can glam up a plain, printed saree by pairing it with the right accessories.

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2. This Peppy Color-Combo

This Peppy Color-Combo

therealkareenakapoor / Instagram

Since a wedding is followed by a lot of festivities, you would want to wear something that is light and breezy yet traditional, and here’s how you can do that. This color combo of pink and yellow is perfect to give you a festive vibe without being over the top. You can wear this saree to an office function as well and get the most bang for your buck.

3. This Volume Sleeve Blouse And Printed Saree Combo

Volume Sleeve Blouse And Printed Saree Combo

sonamkapoor / Instagram

Beige can be the most boring color in the world, but with this printed saree by designer Masaba Gupta, Sonam proves otherwise. Notice how she has combined the saree with a unique bustier blouse with volume sleeves. The addition of volume sleeves has lifted up the look of the whole outfit, giving it a very couture feel. You can take a page out of Sonam’s book and try adding unique elements like volume sleeves to make your everyday saree stand out.

4. Channel Your Inner Flower Power With This One

Channel Your Inner Flower Power With This One

sonamkapoo / Instagram

When it comes to everyday sarees, there are two types which are the most popular. One, the printed ones and the other, the handloom ones. You can also take some inspiration from this flowery print saree and include it in your trousseau. However, if you do it in an unconventional color pairing as done by Sonam here, it’s going to make it look very modern and will upscale your entire look.

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5. Too Many Prints… Said No One Ever

Too Many Prints… Said No One Ever

sonamkapoor / Instagram

It seems when it comes to sarees, you can never go wrong with prints. Case in point, the picture given above. Though notice how Sonam has paired it with a simple, pink blouse thereby creating a pleasing contrast. The busy print of the saree is offset by the pale pink of the blouse. In our opinion, pairing this saree with heritage jewelry gives the whole look a very royal vibe.

6. Try This One With A Structured Pallu

Try This One With A Structured Pallu

sonamkapoor / Instagram

We realize that black might not be an ideal choice of color for a newlywed but just look at the royal blue structured pallu! This one can be the perfect choice for those dozens of wine-and-dine parties that you have to attend after getting married or maybe you can use it for a date night. All we are saying is, do include this new twist on the old grind in your wardrobe.

More Celeb Inspiration

7. Who Says You Can’t Combine Saree With Pants

Who Says You Can’t Combine Saree With Pants

dianapenty / Instagram

Instead of the print, we want you to focus on the inclusion of pants in this one. This makes it a very easy-to-carry garment for saree novices, plus the inclusion of the pants adds a bit of pizzaz to an otherwise very traditional apparel. Another plus is that you get to ditch the petticoat altogether. Deconstructed saree for the win!

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8. This Powerful Combo Of Tradition With Flamboyance

This Powerful Combo Of Tradition With Flamboyance

theshilpashetty / Instagram

One thing you should keep in mind while selecting sarees for your trousseau is that you should accessorize it such that you can easily wear it for a daytime function as well as a night time one. The way Shilpa has married the flamboyance of the frilly saree with the tradition of a brocade blouse has made it an ideal pick for a day-to-night event. She scores more style points from us for highlighting her slender waist by cinching it with a traditional kamarbandh.

This is how you do a bridal trousseau in 2019! We hope we were able to convince all our millennial brides-to-be to ditch the heavy nine yards for the spunky chiffons with these celebrity lessons. In case, you want to give us more style inspirations, share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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