Relationship Tips: 5 Things You Should Talk About Before Marriage

What all things can a wedding planning involve? Finding yourself the perfect wedding venue, the ultimate wedding dress, the right cake, your favorite flowers, music, photographer, etc. A lot of effort goes into making sure that your big day is realized in the manner you always wanted it to be.

It’s not just you; almost everybody who cares for you is seen working hard to make sure that your wedding is a grand success. Well, there’s definitely no doubt that a big day like your wedding day needs to be celebrated on that big a scale. But, have you ever wondered that in the process of planning for the big day, there are chances that you’ve missed out on something that actually requires your utmost focus? You see, what we’re trying to say here is that you shouldn’t be focusing so much on planning the wedding day, rather you should be actually paying intricate attention to planning your marriage.

The time between your engagement and wedding is the time for your fiancé and you to sit down and discuss what you both expect and want out of your marriage. How your future should unfold, how are you both going to weave each other’s worlds into one. In case you find yourself in a position where you are clueless about everything (which is natural), here’s a list of things that you should be discussing with your partner before marriage.

1. Kids



While some love the whole idea of giving birth to a new generation of their own. There are many who don’t really aspire to have kids, at least till quite a few years after marriage. Some even don’t want to have any. Therefore, whatever is your take on having kids, it’s better you sit and have a discussion with your fiancé beforehand. Also, it’s important to have a discussion about each other’s sexual health. Talk about the whole process of having kids, and clear your doubts if you have any before booking the venue of your wedding.

2. Intimacy



You might feel shy to talk about it, or maybe you plain apprehensive with respect to it, but it’s important to discuss it! Your fiancé might like to make love between sheets right after the wedding, but you would prefer cuddling for a while. Yes, now, it might seem like a trivial issue, but in the longer run, it can lead to major conflicts. Therefore, it’s very important to keep things clear between the two of you. Work out an intimacy routine that you might fall in love with and will never get tired of.

3. Careers



Liking each other, falling in love, and getting married isn’t the end of the struggle. The real struggle begins when your and partner learn to manage a life together. And in this, it’s the career path that forms a major part. Men and women, both love their careers, they both want to only learn and climb the success ladder in their respective career paths. Talk about your career plans with your partner before marriage. Understand each other’s goals with respect to work and make it a point to encourage each other to do the same.

4. Health



It’s very crucial to let your partner know about any of your health problems (if any) before you get married. Do this for yourself more than anybody else, so that if you fall ill, your partner will know how to look after you. Also, it’s wrong to hide any serious ailments from the person you’re about to get married to. It will leave a black mark on your sincerity towards your partner. And we know how trust forms the foundation of a relationship, right?

5. Friends



No no, we’re not asking you to share the details of your friends with your partner. These days an aspect of marriage also involves how engaged you are in your partner’s world. How will you both live a life together when you don’t know how each of your worlds’ looks like? Therefore, it’s important for you to introduce your friend circle to your partner. Because, let’s be honest, your friends will help your partner understand you better than you yourself can. Go out on dinner gatherings before marriage with your friends. You’ll get an idea about how your wavelength matches with your partner. If you haven’t been able to find a balance on social fronts, then figure out a way where you both can enjoy your different worlds without hurting the other.

It's always a good idea to feel confident about the person you’re getting married to


It’s always a good idea to feel confident about the person you’re getting married to. And for that it’s very important to discuss topics like these. And always remember that you should never expect a positive result out of this. If you find differences, be glad that you’ve got to know about them before it was too late. Try to solve the differences and if you aren’t able to solve the differences then just listen to your heart whether it wants to move forward with your partner or not. Precautions like these will save you from getting entangled in a bad marriage. Don’t you agree with us on this? Let us know about your views in the comments below.

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