The Perfect Hairstyle For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Of course, if you have clicked on this article, you truly believe in the powers of the all-knowing zodiac, haters be damned. That is not to say that you’re a superstitious or naïve person, who believes in celestial foresight. It’s just that you believe that there’s no harm in a little cosmic validation, every now and then. And you are absolutely right, my friend.

And today, we have decided to invoke the powers of the zodiac to tell you which hairstyle you should go for (FYI, getting bangs is never a good idea). If you are thinking why we are involving zodiac in what seems to be a trivial affair, allow us to tell you why. The zodiac predicts or lays out certain core characteristics for each of its signs, and often, when one tends to work along with those characteristics, things seem to work in their favor. So why shouldn’t we allow it to tell us what hairstyle would work great for us, right? So without further ado, here’s the hairstyle your zodiac says you should go for the next time you are in the salon:

1. Aries



If you have this zodiac sign, then it wouldn’t surprise us if you turned out to be a competitive soul, who loves to beat everyone else, because after all, the audacious rams, aka, Aries, are the first sign of the zodiac. You are bold and ambitious, and always looking for a challenge. Therefore, you wouldn’t do well with a hairstyle that requires a lot of upkeep.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: Cornrows — fun and functional!


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2. Taurus



Next up is this peace-loving earth sign. If you are a Taurean, you have a penchant for a calm, soothing environment. You are patient, organized, and have an unbreakable will. You need something that is going to be minimalist and no-fuss.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: A side-braid, perfect for the office as well as date-night.

A side-braid

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3. Gemini



Often misconstrued as two-faced, this sign can be best described as a livewire. If you are a Gemini then you are curious and quick-witted. You are the life of the party everywhere you go, and a dynamic personality as yours needs a hairstyle that can keep up.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: A top knot or a sleek ponytail would be the perfect hairstyle for you — powerful and dynamic.

 A top knot

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4. Cancer



Represented by the crustacean, this water sign is the epitome of care and love. Much like their insignia, they too protect themselves by withdrawing into their shells. So they might come across as cold or distant, but get to know them and you wouldn’t be sorry. They are sensitive and compassionate. For someone with this type of personality, a soft, muted, hairstyle would be great.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: Soft curls.

Soft curls

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5. Leo



The roaring lion or Leo is the king of the jungle as well as the zodiac. If you belong to this sign, you are vivacious, energetic, and passionate. And your theatrical personality (what’s life without some drama) deserves an equally dramatic look.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: A space bun or an array of braids with a unique twist.

 A space bun

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6. Virgo



This is an earth sign which is characterized by qualities of humility, and pragmatism. If you belong to this sign, then you are logical and practical in nature, and always in search of perfection. You need low-maintenance hair which can give you a polished vibe.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: A sleek bob cut would be perfect for you.

A sleek bob

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7. Libra



Libra is an air sign that is characterized by its dedication towards finding the balance (its symbol is literally a balance). If you belong to this sign, you seek to bring an equilibrium in your life through relationships. You want to make everyone around you happy. Also, since Libra is characterized as an aesthetic sign, you too give preference to beauty.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: Fancy chignons, or lose structured curls with braids.

Fancy chignons

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8. Scorpio



One of the most enigmatic signs of the zodiac, this sign is all about passion. If you happen to belong to this sign, then seduction is the name of the game for you. You are extremely intuitive in nature and often hold your cards close to yourself. Your hairstyle should be such that it gives off an aura of mystery.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: Instead of going for a particular hairstyle, you should go for dramatic hair color.

dramatic hair color

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9. Sagittarius



The last fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius is all about effortless magnetism. If you are a Sagittarian, then you must be renowned in your social circle for your unique brand of humor and bluntness. Free-spirited and unbounded, a Sagittarian is always in pursuit of the unexplored.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: Unruly curls, or beach waves.

Unruly curls

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10. Capricorn



This is the last earth sign of the Zodiac and is characterized by unwavering focus and attention. Those who belong to this sign are ambitious and goal-oriented. They might seem a bit closed-off initially but get to know them and you would discover new ways to party.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: A hairstyle that is just as straightforward as you are — a sleek, poker straight, hairdo.

poker straight

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11. Aquarius



Every Aquarian is a principled thinker, who is a rebel at heart. Aquarians are known to be off-beat thinkers who march to the beat of their own drums. Often given the title of the unconventional, these free-spirited people often buck the trends with their non-conformist attitude.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: A hairstyle such as windswept curls, which allows you to literally let your hair down.

 windswept curls

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12. Pisces



Being the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces has learned the lessons imparted by all the signs that came before it. If you are a Piscean, you are an empathetic and compassionate creature who often inhabits the imaginative realm. Your creativity is your biggest asset.

The Perfect hairstyle for you: A messy, wispy hairdo.

A messy

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We hope this very informative and detailed hair-guide will help you in making your next mane decision and save you from a hair-raising mistake (sorry about the puns). So which one is your zodiac and do you agree with the observations made here? Let us know in the comments section.

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