Ways To Eat Egg For Breakfast Every Day

These days, everybody wants to have that healthy body with all the lean muscles, right? And to achieve this if there’s one thing that you need to load your body with, it’s got to be proteins! A protein-rich diet will inch you closer to your desired physique. Now that we know we need proteins, which is the food that’s protein-rich and doesn’t fall heavy on our pockets as well (because hey, we clearly cannot exhaust all our money on protein shakes, right)? We’ll tell you one food, it’s eggs! Yes, eggs are the easiest, the cheapest, and the most versatile way to increase your everyday protein intake.

Okay, they don’t just help you in upping your protein intake every day; they all boost your overall health. Eggs are loaded with iron, amino acid, and antioxidants as well. And don’t just limit yourself to eating the whites alone, even the yolk of the egg has choline, a fat-fighting nutrient that helps in trimming down the body (1). The best way for you to make sure you’re eating healthy is to make eggs a part of your breakfast platter. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and if you have a healthy first meal then there’s definitely nothing like it. Here are a few ways to make egg your breakfast staple, read on.

1. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-Boiled Eggs


If there is any breakfast that is the MVP (most valued player) of protein-packed breakfast that can be eaten on-the-go, then it’s definitely the hard-boiled eggs. You don’t have to hard-boil the eggs every day. On weekends, invest in some meal prep time and make it in a batch that’s enough for the rest of the week. Grab one every day and give yourself an important dose of protein.

2. Egg-Topped Sandwiches

Egg-Topped Sandwiches


Slipping some slices or chunks of egg in your breakfast sandwich is a great way to up your healthy food game. It’s going to keep your tummy full and not make you feel sleepy after a meal. An egg is a combination of two things — a slimming protein plus a healthy fat! Top your usual BLT sandwich with egg and see the difference yourself.

3. Classic French Toast

Classic French Toast


Most of us love this sweet simple breakfast dish, yet steer away from it thinking it’s unhealthy. Well, who said that? Isn’t it better than those pancakes made of chalky protein powder? All you need to focus on is to lighten your French toast by opting for non-fat milk, whole-grain slices of bread and go little light with the butter too.

4. Scrambles Eggs In Pita Bread

Scrambles Eggs In Pita Bread


Preparing scrambled eggs is the easiest thing one can attempt to do in the morning. If eating just plain scrambled eggs are boring for you, grab some whole wheat pita pockets. Fill the pockets with scrambled eggs, some lettuce, and a nice dressing or a slice of cheese and you’ve set up an exotic on-the-go breakfast for yourself. Just indulge now!

5. Creative Frittatas

Creative Frittatas


Breakfast doesn’t always have to be a boring looking omelet, scrambled egg or a boiled one. You can always get colorful with a frittata, can’t we? You can make yourself a frittata on a stovetop or in your oven. Whisk those eggs up, add healthy veggies like asparagus or zucchini or broccoli or anything that you know is a healthy superfood. Add your favorite kind of seasoning to it and cook it up in a pan with some butter or go healthy with coconut or olive oil. Frittata yourself to a healthy start to the day!

6. Microwave Mug Omelets

Microwave Mug Omelets


Yes, the cake-in-a-mug is too oldskool now, mug omelets are like a breakfast tool for making your eggs real quick whenever you are in a hurry. Whisk some eggs up, splash in some milk with salt and pepper, choose your favorite toppings and microwave. In just a couple of minutes, you’re going to be face-to-face with a fluffy omelet in a mug.

Reasons You Should Be Eating Eggs For Breakfast

Reasons You Should Be Eating Eggs For Breakfast


You know we’ll never ask you to do anything out of the blue, here’s why we think all of us need to eggs for breakfast:

  • Eggs will keep you full much longer when compared to your breakfast cereals or toasts.
  • Eggs aid weight loss in a great way (2).
  • Eggs DO NOT worsen your cholesterol levels (3). It’s just a myth!
  • Choline present in eggs contributes to brain development and a healthy memory (4).
  • Leutin and zeaxanthin — two antioxidants present in eggs have been associated with protecting eyesight against damage that can be caused due to UV exposure (5).

One more important thing that we want you to remember is that when you purchase eggs, always make sure you read the labels. Pick up the organic ones as they are considered to be the healthiest. Let’s get egg-struck and start eating eggs for our breakfast every day now. Any other ways that you know of to include eggs for brekkie? Let us know in the comments below.

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