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How to grow sprouts at home

Growing sprouts at home is so easy and is huge money saver! You may never buy sprouts at the store again! |

Have you ever tried to grow sprouts at home? It’s super easy, and just takes a few minutes of hands-on time. It also is a huge savings over buying sprouts in the store, not to mention a fresher option. How many times have you gone to the store to buy sprouts, only to find out that they don’t have them because of a salmonella outbreak or other scary ER trip risk? No, thanks.

How to grow sprouts at home:

Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to grow sprouts at home, while saving some serious cash money at the same time. Who doesn’t like that? No one.

Growing sprouts at home is so easy and is huge money saver! You may never buy sprouts at the store again! |

In this tutorial, we’re going to focus on the most common sprouts, the great Alfalfa. But you can sprout pretty much any seed you want, and at the end of this post I’ve shared some great seed samplers so you can try out several and find your favorites. The steps for sprouting are so easy, anyone can do it.

1) Soak 1-2 T. of sprouting seeds for at least 8 hours in fresh, cool water in a wide mouth mason jar.

2) Drain and rinse the sprouts.

3) Repeat Step 2 for 3-5 days, until your sprouts are ready to eat!

Growing sprouts at home is so easy and is huge money saver! You may never buy sprouts at the store again! |

Sprouting seeds are all different sizes, but alfalfa are particularly tiny, so you need a sprouting jar lid with very small holes, like the green one above. At the end of this post I’ve linked to a jar sprouter that comes with three different lids depending on the size of seeds you are sprouting.

grow sprouts at home | soaking alfalfa sprout seeds overnight and day 1 of alfalfa sprout growth in mason jar sprouters

Do you really need to use that much water to soak 1 tablespoon of seeds, Beth?

Nope. Just make sure they’re covered by a couple of inches. Apparently I’m a water waster, good thing I don’t live in California!

Day 1 starts after the seeds have been soaked and drained. Can you believe how quickly they start to sprout? It’s like magic!

grow sprouts at home | days 2 and 3 of alfalfa sprout growth in mason jar sprouters

Now we’re getting somewhere. By the way, this is a GREAT project to do with kids, because they can see the growth happen so quickly. And they are much more likely to eat sprouts if they have been part of helping them grow!

grow sprouts at home | days 4 and 5 of alfalfa sprout growth in mason jar sprouters

And, we’re done. The hardest part about getting to Day 5 is remembering to rinse and drain the sprouts every day. I highly recommend setting reminders on your phone. Or do what my mom does and move one of your rings to your other hand every day. Whatever works! 🙂

grow sprouts at home | de-hulling seeds from alfalfa sprouts in a bowl of water

Once the sprouts are done growing, it’s time to de-hull. This process is super easy and kind of fun too. All you need to do is submerge the sprouts in some fresh cool water, then push the sprouts down with your hand and the hulls will rise to the top of the water. Pour off the water and the hulls until most of the hulls are gone (you don’t have to get all of them). It might take a couple of changes of water to get most of them. This is another thing that is fun to do with kiddos, if they are around. 🙂

grow sprouts at home | mason jar filled with alfalfa sprouts

To store the sprouts, drain them very well, the place them in the fridge in a lidded container lined with paper towels. They will keep for at least a week, but once you’ve tried fresh sprouts they probably won’t last that long! And once your batch is done, it’s the perfect time to start another!

Grow sprouts at home | full-grown alfalfa sprouts in container

So what do you think? Looks pretty easy, doesn’t it? That’s because IT IS. And it will only take a few batches to make your money back. Once you try this, you will never buy slimy, old, questionable sprouts at the grocery store ever again.

So how do you get sproutin’? Here’s everything you need!

Sprouting Supplies:

You can order all these supplies by clicking on the image. They are all from Amazon.

Sprouting jars:

or this one also if you prefer:

There are also sprouting trays if you prefer:


Sprout Multi-Pak of The 4 Most Popular Sprouts to Grow Yourself!:

3 Part Salad Sprout Seed Mix – 1 Lbs – Organic Sprouting Seeds: Radish, Broccoli & Alfalfa: Cooking, Food Storage or Delicious Salad Sprouts

I grow my sprouts at home, it’s very easy, fun and deliscious!

Once you see how easy and affordable it is to grow sprouts at home, you’ll never buy them at the grocery store again!