11 Stylish Coolers Way Nicer Than the Ones You Grew Up With


vintage rolling metal cooler

Coolers have come a long way in the last few decades. Find a stylish cooler that fits your aesthetic and will keep your sacred summer beverages chill straight through Labor Day.

Growing up, when my parents brought out the cooler it meant that a fun adventure was about to begin. Usually, this involved a long car ride to my Grandma’s house, made bearable thanks to my Mom’s tea sandwiches and the Wham album that she’d blast from the tape deck. Our cooler of choice: a compact “Little Playmate” by Igloo. In the 1980s, the two-toned white and turquoise cooler seemed like the epitome of style. However, it wasn’t long before the jaunty writing wore off and the white plastic faded to a gross yellow color. Functional, yes. Stylish? Not so much.

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In recent years, coolers have received a major glow up. From retro-inspired hard-sided coolers to chic insulated bags, you can now go to your next outdoor gathering in style. Here are some the best and most stylish coolers that will have you looking and feeling chill all summer long.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia 77 Quart Centennial Rolling Cooler, $139.00 at Target


Ditch your go-to aged Coleman cooler or Rubbermaid bin full of ice for this chic retro-inspired rolling cooler by Hearth and Hand with Magnolia. Perfect for your next backyard shindig, the plastic lid and liner keep your beverages cool, making serving drinks to your guests a total breeze. Plus, with two compartments, you can easily keep adult and kids’ beverages separate.Buy Now

Titan Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler, $78.94 at Amazon

rolling cooler with drink holders


Sometimes being a little “extra” is a good thing. Such is the case with this Titan rolling cooler. Made for camping or the picnic maximalist, the Titan Deep Freeze can hold up to 100 pounds, which makes the wheel that much more important. In other words, you can fit a lot of stuff in here. Featuring a leak-proof, easy-clean, antimicrobial lining, an insulated front compartment, a detachable bottle opener, and large sturdy wheels, this cooler is sure to fulfill all of your camping, tailgating, and picnic needs.Buy Now

Igloo Latitude 52 Quart Roller Cooler, $99.99 at Target


The classic Igloo cooler gets a serious style upgrade in a refreshing mint green hue—update: while that shade is currently out of stock, the sleek arctic-white with black and blue accents is also pretty sweet. Most importantly, unlike coolers of yore, this one includes a built-in mobile device stand with tall “backstop” that allows you to park phones and tablets off the ground for easy access and viewing. With large wheels and tie down points to secure chairs and towels, this roomy cooler makes a trip to the beach, park, or pool a piece of cake.Buy Now

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SunnyLife Large Portable Insulated Beach Bag Cooler, $30.00 at Amazon


You can’t help but love this adorably cheeky soft cooler beach bag made by Australian summer accessory company SunnyLife. Pay homage to the 1990s while keeping your food and beverages at an optimal temperature with this insulated beach bag. If space is an issue, the soft construction makes it easy to store.Buy Now

Coleman Vintage Red Cooler, $142 on Etsy


Okay, we can’t say for sure this will still be here in a day since it’s a vintage cooler. We also can’t vouch for how well it still keeps things cold, but honestly, who cares? It’s got such throwback charm that we’ll sacrifice a few degrees for the look of it alone.Buy Now

Yeti Hopper Portable Cooler Bag, $239 on Amazon


One of the best coolers and a top name in cooler technology, the Yeti is famous for its unmatched insulation. This over the shoulder beer can holder is pretty slick looking, too. Another great one for camping or outdoor adventures, but it does come at a cost. It’s also totally worth it.Buy Now

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Cathy’s Concepts Striped Backpack Cooler, $54.60 at Target

striped cooler bag


Step into your next picnic or beach day with this adorable striped backpack cooler. One of the best beach options, this fully insulated cooler bag ensures your beverages stay chill, and it features ample pockets so your picnic essentials stay organized while you’re on the go. Even better: you can personalize it with the letter of your choice.Buy Now

Amerihome BT07536 Picnic Cooler, $59.03 at Amazon


Pay tribute to summers past with this Amerihome cooler. While the styling may be retro, this cooler is lined with a thick and durable plastic that helps to keep the contents cold. You can easily carry 18 cans (canned wine, anyone?), 12 bottles, or the food of your choice. No bottle opener? There’s one attached to the side of the cooler. All of this wrapped up in a durable bright red powder-coat finish designed to resist scratches and rust.Buy Now

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ONIVA Bongo “Sliced Watermelon” Insulated Collapsible Cooler, $25.99 at Amazon


Like a juicy slice of freshly cut watermelon on a hot day, there’s something irrefutably irresistible about this soft sided cooler. However, if you’re concerned it’s all style and no substance, fear not. Along with having a 12 quart capacity, the collapsible design with sturdy internal panels allows the cooler to also be a seat that holds up to 250 pounds. Definitely one of the best cooler options for the kitschy guy or gal.Buy Now

Insulated Wine Tote Carrier, $18.89 at Amazon


Let’s face it—not every outdoor social gathering requires a picnic sized cooler. Sometimes you just want to bring a chilled bottle of rosé and some hummus to share with friends at the beach or park. This mini soft cooler will keep your bottle cool and upright with room to spare for snacks.Buy Now

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Pink Engel UC19 Ice/Dry Box, $68.99 at Amazon


An update on a classic, this stylish hard cooler serves double duty as a dry box—keeping out moisture and/or dust from your valuable electronics, emergency kits, and cameras. Made for adventures of all kinds, the airtight gasket keeps hot air out and the cold air in. It’s also waterproof up to a depth of 3 feet—making it ideal for keeping your precious goods dry—whether that’s a killer potato salad or high-priced electronics.Buy Now

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