Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation + How to Get Started

Apps that provide guided meditations have quickly become some of the most downloaded apps in the world. According to the Wall Street Journal, the meditation industry, largely focused on mindfulness meditation, is worth more than $1.2 billion annually, spent on […]

Stem Cell Collagen Activator: How to Support Your Stem Cells (So They Can Protect Your Collagen)

Adapted from The Collagen Diet: A 28-Day Play for Sustained Weight Loss, Glowing Skin, Great Gut Health and a Younger You by Dr. Josh Axe I know you care about healthy aging breakthroughs as much as I do, so I’m delighted […]

What Is an Esthetician? Training, Benefits, Treatments & More

It’s so easy to create your own homemade face mask using natural ingredients. Homemade skin treatments don’t take a lot of time or money, and the results be impressive — but have you ever had someone else (an esthetician) give […]

What Is Glucagon? Roles, Side Effects & How It Works With Insulin

We know that maintaining normal blood sugar levels is extremely important and can sometimes be challenging, but do you know how the body works to regulate this important function? A hormone called glucagon plays a major role. Glucagon function kicks […]

How to Maintain Normal Troponin Levels

Healthy adults — those with no recent history of heart damage, kidney disease or serious lung damage — normally do not have high enough levels of the protein called troponin in their bloodstreams to be detected. However, when someone has […]

Shorter Life Expectancy in the U.S.: 8 Reasons (and Solutions!)

Did you know that the U.S. is spending nearly twice as much on health care than other developed, high-income countries, but we have a lower life expectancy? Recent data, published in November of 2019, highlights that U.S. life expectancy has […]

Benefits of Aunts: Why Aunts May Be Just as Important as Moms

It’s no surprise that having a positive female role model is extremely important for young girls. This is especially true in the current world of social media, bullying and the ever-changing, progressing “norms” for women. The impact that a supportive, […]

Aversion Therapy: What Is It, Is It Effective & Why Is It Controversial?

Aversion therapy is based on the theory of conditioning, which states that a response becomes more frequent and predictable as a result of reinforcement. In other words, when you’re rewarded for a behavior by feeling good, this reinforces the behavior […]