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15 Cute Coffee and Tea Items for the Caffeine Obsessed

knit hedgehog coffee cozy

You might be riding the Third Wave coffee and tea movement if you can discuss the aromatic nuances and mouthfeel of your preferred region of coffee bean or tea leaf, if you’ve made your own cold brew at home, or if you own anything decorative that extols the virtues (and necessity) of coffee or tea.

Even if you’re not a proud coffee/tea snob, we know you jones for your java, and to a lesser extent, your leaves. Over half of U.S. adults (64 percent) drink at least one cuppa joe per day, according to National Coffee Association research released in 2018. While not as popular as coffee in the U.S., tea consumption continues to grow, and in 2017, one survey showed that 43 percent of U.S. consumers drank at least 1 cup of tea each day. We wonder how many of those might’ve been matcha lattes (or, let’s be honest, Instagram-inspired detox teas).

Brewing Interest12 Coffee Products You Never Knew You NeededWhen it comes to coffee, you may grind your own beans and use the pour-over method or go the French press route. Some of you are loyal to Starbucks, while others traipse to your neighborhood cafe for your daily blend—or simply switch on your auto-drip coffee maker for a couple basic, get-the-job-done morning cups. Whatever your way is, we’ve got some must-have items for you (we know you’ll stay awake for this) or the lovable coffee-obsessive in your life. Oh yeah, and tea too.

Warning: Scanning through this list could cause impulse buys. We’ve (ahem) heard it can happen.

1. Wax and Wick Espresso Scented Soy Wax Candle, $29.97 on Amazon

Wax and Wick espresso scented soy candle


With this 100 percent soy candle, you can wake up to the rich, warm smells of freshly roasted espresso beans and the gentle crackle of a wooden wick. The candles are made in the USA of natural soy wax and are free of phthalates and dyes. They burn with a bright, consistent glow thanks to double wooden wicks, one of which crackles for a cozy fireplace effect. And they’ll last for up to 60 hours.Buy Now

2. Knit Coffee & Tea Cozy, $13 on Etsy

knit hedgehog coffee cozy

Mae Kathryn/Etsy

Cardboard coffee sleeves are nice for protecting your hands from the drink’s heat, but when you want your to-go java to be a little more environmentally friendly, a knit sleeve for your travel mug is the cutest way to keep your fingers cool. This sleeve with an adorable hedgehog embellishment cuts down on the waste created by disposable coffee sleeves and is best suited for standard sized travel mugs without a handle, but if you don’t heart hedgies enough to advertise it, you can find lots of other options. Check out this subtle gray owl sleeve, this chunky cable-knit cover in a bright color, and this toggle-close knit sleeve that works with handled mugs, just for starters.Buy Now

3. Hand-Stamped Spoon, $17.50 on Etsy

hand-stamped spoon gift

Thirty Six Design/Etsy

The stirring spoon for your coffee or tea could have a personalized slogan that makes you feel warm and fuzzy or makes you smirk, depending on the message. This hand-stamped vintage spoon is imprinted with “you’re my person,” but there are many other kinds of sayings, from “His Coffee” and “Her Coffee” to “I Love You Mom” and “Cereal Killer.” It could be a unique gift for that special someone. Include it with a fancy mug and some quality cocoa for an even bigger and more thoughtful token of appreciation.Buy Now

4. Carlie Cute Cat Glass Cup Tea Mug With Fish Tea Infuser Strainer Filter, $14.89 on Amazon

cat tea infuser mug


You can cover two obsessions in one go with this cat-shaped tea infuser mug. The feline-friendly glass mug would make a quirky gift for someone who loves to curl up on a comfy couch with her/his cat and a cup of tea. Fill the built-in fish-shaped infuser with the loose leaf blend of your choosing, or leave it empty and fill this up with coffee or hot cocoa instead. Either way, you’re one step closer to running your own cat cafe.Buy Now

5. “But First, Coffee” Sign, $18 on Etsy

but first, coffee sign decor

It Is All In the Details/Etsy

There’s good reason this phrase is so well-loved: Many things can be tackled, once we have our cup of coffee. Before that first cup, there’s no telling what we’re capable of, and that’s not meant in a good way. This 3.5-inch-by-11-inch hand-stained, hand-lettered wooden sign is ideal for your coffee bar, kitchen decor, or a cute gift to give to someone who can’t live without a little (or a lot of) caffeine. The pallet wood sign can be stained in several different shades, or left au naturel.Buy Now

6. Pour-Over Coffee Stand, $35 on Etsy

pour over coffee stand Etsy

Yucca Lane/Etsy

A pour-over stand is a great way to make coffee for the discerning drinker. Or so the converts claim.  The hand-poured method of coffee brewing gives you control over the speed of the pour, which usually means making it happen slower to allow the water more time to come in contact with the grounds, which can make a more flavorful and richer brew. This YuccaLane pour-over system is made with hand-cut copper pipe and cedar wood. You can get the glass-cone dripper as well, if you need one.Buy Now

7. Mesh Tea Ball Infuser with Pendants, $7.95 on Etsy

mesh tea ball with elephant charm

Owen’s Acres/Etsy

One of the delights of steeping tea is all the choice you have in cute tea infusers. This mesh ball tea infuser by Owens Acres is adorned with an Indian elephant at the end of its chain. The stainless steel tea ball is 2 inches in diameter, and the charm is just over 1 inch. Your order includes a sample of our loose tea so you can use it right away, if you don’t have loose tea at home.Buy Now

8. Vintage-Inspired KitchenAid Tea Kettle, $39 on Amazon

KitchenAid vintage tea kettle


If you like tea, you gotta have a cute kettle, no? This mid-century modern-look stovetop tea kettle is so jaunty and retro with the bright citrus color, chrome trim, and C-shaped handle, but it’s practical too. You can heat up a bunch of water for a tea party, or just a bit for your own personal use. If you prefer an electric kettle but still like the mod vintage look, check out this teal number.Buy Now

9. Ceramic Owl Travel Mug, $49 on Etsy

ceramic owl travel mug Etsy


Many of us need a vessel to take our coffee and tea on the go, because we don’t have time to sit around staring at the flowers in contemplation as we sip. Like us, you have places to go, people to see. Some travel mugs come with insulation that protects your hands from getting too hot, but this handmade ceramic owl travel mug does not. It’s adorable though! You can always buy this owl mug along with a hand-knit mug cozy. Ooh, now that’s an idea. It’ll look like the owl’s wearing a tiny sweater—and you thought it couldn’t get any cuter, right?Buy Now

10. Royal Albert 100 Years Teacup & Saucer Set, $149.37 on Amazon

Royal Albert 100th Anniversary vintage tea cups and saucers


Drinking a spot of tea in a delicate, beautifully painted cup with matching saucer is an experience that makes you slow down and enjoy the moment. You could add some biscuits, scones, cookies, pie, or cake with the beverage to really max out the effect, especially if you’re sipping with a friend. While each cup should match its saucer, your pairs don’t need to match each other. It’s actually shabby chic that way. (That’s a good thing.) This particular set of five cups with matching saucers from Royal Albert’s 100th Anniversary Collection is not in any way shabby: made from fine bone china with 22-karat gold bands and different floral designs representing the best of each decade from 1900 through 1940, it’s a worthy investment if you have the cupboard space and cash (see the 1950-1990 set for even more options). Or seek out actual vintage tea cups on Etsy or at local thrift shops, which can be a far more affordable option.Buy Now

11. Coffee Mug Rack, $89 on Etsy

wall mounted coffee mug rack

Adlite Creations/Etsy

A coffee mug rack is a stylish way to show off your favorite cups. It’s a fun, attractive wall piece to organize your coffee mugs, daily mail, magazines, bills, or whatever you have. This wall-mounted cup holder has a mail slot that doubles as a mini chalkboard, and six hooks, blending functional design and old-fashioned charm. It’s hand-crafted from western cedar, stained a golden oak color, and completed with a clear satin finish to protect it for years to come.Buy Now

12. Rustic Serving Tray, $19.69 on Etsy

rustic tea serving tray

Country Crates UK/Etsy

These rustic trays are constructed from kiln-dried, high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, handcrafted in Yorkshire, England, and feature natural rope handles for easy carrying. They are great for serving coffee with cake or afternoon tea. You can select different finishes and colors too.Buy Now

13. The Pioneer Woman Vintage Geo 3-Piece Canister Set, $15.54 at Walmart

vintage coffee tea canisters


Store your coffee and tea in opaque, airtight containers where the light can’t shine through. These vintage-inspired canisters can be used for several kitchen staples, but we’re thinking these three: coffee, tea, and sugar. You can also check Etsy for actual vintage specimens like this sleek silver deco coffee canister if you prefer one-of-a-kind items for your home.Buy Now

14. Perk u Latte Coffee Subscription, 3 months for $38.07 on Etsy

Etsy coffee subscription Perk u Latte

Perk u Latte/Etsy

Sign up the discriminating coffee lover in your life for a three-month coffee subscription. Each month, Perk u Latte sends a totally different 240-gram bag of single-origin coffee in either whole beans or ground, your choice (including an Aeropress grind option). Each coffee is unique and from small, independent farmers. The delivery recipient can learn more about the farm, the people involved in growing the beans, the flavor experience, and the coffee’s strength.Buy Now

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15. Mystique Stoneware Mug, $30 on Etsy

Etsy handmade stoneware blue green mug

Lothu Ceramics/Etsy

The most obvious gift for a coffee lover (or tea fanatic) is a mug. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you look online, you can find the perfect one for your recipient, whether it has a funny, sweet, or raunchy phrase, an eye-catching print, or just a classy, artistic pottery version with no message on it at all. This big-belly, handmade stoneware mug is crafted in Park Rapids, MN and is available in four sizes, including an XL 20-24 ounce version. There are several glaze options available too, but this beautifully oceanic blue-green finish, appropriately called Mystique, is especially mesmerizing. For an additional fee, you can have a custom inscription etched into the bottom of the mug (up to 50 characters long), perfect for a sweet hidden message, in-joke, or affirmation.Buy Now

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