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Cool off with a cherry lime smoothie that packs a secret health-boosting twist

Picture this: A gloriously sunny summer day, a book you can’t put down, and a deliciously refreshing beverage in your hand. What could make this picture even more perfect? If said delicious drink was also loaded with health benefits.

That combo was the inspiration behind this cherry smoothie recipe that’s loaded with fresh summer produce like sweet cherries, zucchini, and beets (promise you can’t taste them!) for major plant power.

The real superstar ingredient here is sweet Northwest cherries (duh), which not only lend bright sweetness to each sip, but also give a dose of natural fiber, gut support, and anti-inflammatory properties—making them a killer post-workout smoothie ingredient.

Sweet cherries also boast reported cancer-fighting properties, according to a USDA study, and are a natural source of melatonin for some extra sweet dreams (get it?).

If you’re shocked that summer’s signature snack has so many benefits, we’re about to totally blow your mind: They also have the lowest glycemic index of almost any fruit, which means no crazy blood sugar spike like you get with so many other fun summer sips (looking at you, frozen margs).

Want to cash in on those benefits while you’re out and about? Toss a container of cherries in your tote to bring the (healthy) summer vibes with you wherever you go.

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