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DIY Crafty Paper Animal Bookmarks

Paper Animal Bookmarks are perfect not just as a fun project for you and the kids, but a useful one as well. These cute little paper craft are perfect for kids who love to read and we have a cool tutorial below.

Make your own Animal Bookmarks

Calling all book lovers near and far! This fun project is brought to you by Jill from and it certainly makes for a fun summer project for you and the kids. As usual i’ll give you the first couple of steps in the tutorial to get you started, then you can finish up your project by checking out the full tutorial on the createcraftlove website.

Materials and supplies needed

  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut scoring wheel
  • Fine point blade
  • Jewel Cardstock Sampler 12×12
  • Sorbet Cardstock Sampler 12×12
  • Basic Cardstock Sampler 12×12
  • Light Grip Mat 12×12
  • Hot glue gun

Jill also used  the following Design Space images:

  • Snake Book Corner #M456F5
  • Lion Book Corner #M406D8
  • Shark Book Corner #M44C3B
  • Gorilla Book Corner #M45EE6

Review the image options in Design Space.  There is no need to re-size them.  Pick the colors of paper you wish to use and proceed to the cut screen.  Since there are scoring lines included in the design, Design Space will prompt you which scoring wheel to use.

This will depend on the material you pick.  We are working with card stock therefore the software will suggest the single scoring wheel.  You can tell by the number on the side of the wheel.  The single wheel is designated as 01.  Design Space will let you know when to place it in the machine based on the cut layers.  The single wheel creates a single crease on the cardstock.

Then, Fold the large piece along the crease lines and secure with the hot glue gun. Then you’ll start assembling the animal bookmarks.

Now that we’ve gotten you through the first few steps, you can check out the full tutorial here 

Create your very own Paper Animal Bookmarks and be sure to tell us how it went. Share your comments with us; we love hearing from you!

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