Does he like me? Here are 30 surprising signs he definitely does!

If you’ve been asking the question, “does he like me?”, then check out these 30 signs to see if he truly does like you. I’m a bestselling author of dating guides for women and I’ve broken down the “does he like me signs” so you can easily figure out if he really does fancy you.

These are the key signs to look out for.

Sometimes, he may be pretending not to like you but he really does like you. These signs will show you whether he really does have feelings for you or not.

Let’s begin.

1) He can’t stop laughing around you

If he can’t stop laughing when he’s around you, this is definitely a sign that he likes you.

Evolutionary psychologist Norman Li says that a key interest indicator is when someone laughs at your jokes.

It’s not necessarily because you’re funny (though this will help).

The reason laughing at your jokes is an indicator of interest is because not laughing at someone’s jokes is an indicator that we’re not interested in them.

If he’s laughing at your jokes, he’s probably interested in you.

But if he’s laughing at your jokes when you’re not even that funny, he’s definitely interested in you!

2) He can’t stop smiling when he’s around you

This is a big sign that he likes you!

Men smile when they like someone. They also smile when they’re nervous.

If he likes you, he won’t be able to stop smiling when he’s around you.

Being close to you is going to give him a dopamine hit. It will give him a rush.

He may be shy and nervous to approach you. But he’ll be smiling and looking for an opportunity to approach you.

Whether he approaches you or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that he’s smiling. This is a definite sign that he likes you.

Believe it or not, guys are shy too.

3) He feels like a hero when he’s around you

When a guy is interested in you, it’s often because you have triggered something deep inside him. Something he desperately needs.

What is that key thing?

When a guy likes you, he needs to feel like he’s your protector and provider. He needs to know that you genuinely admire him.

He needs to feel like he’s your hero.

It seems kind of silly in this day and age. You don’t need a hero.

But men have a deep need to feel like they are your hero. This need is rooted in their biology.

In fact, you can make a man fall in love with you by making him feel like a hero.

If you are making a man feel like a hero, he’s definitely going to be interested in you.

The trick is in making him feel like a hero in an authentic way.

Of course, making a man feel like a hero doesn’t mean you need a hero. But it doesn’t stop you from using the knowledge of the hero instinct to figure out if he really likes you.

There’s a psychological term for what I’m talking about here. It’s called the “hero instinct”.

Hero instinct was coined by relationship psychologist James Bauer in his popular dating book His Secret Obsession. You can read my comprehensive review of James Bauer’s book here.

Or click here to watch a video where James Bauer tells you what you need to know about the hero instinct.

Some ideas change everything you thought you knew about dating. For me, the hero instinct is one of those concepts.

It has shaped the advice I give to women all over the world about finding the right man. It’s also one of the key signs to figure out if a guy is interested in you.

The key point is this:

If you notice that you’re making a guy feel like a hero when he’s around you, then he’s probably interested in you.

4) He’s wondering what’s going on with you

When a guy likes you, he’s going to be curious about what’s happening in your life.

He probably won’t just come straight out and ask about your relationship status.

He may beat around the bush for a while and make statements like “you can’t be single?!” and pretend like he is surprised when you say things that could lead him to believe such things.

He might also say, “your boyfriend is a lucky guy” to find out what’s happening in your love life.

The key point is this:

He may be interested in you if he’s wondering what’s going on with you. So ask yourself this: is the man you’re interested in curious about what’s happening in your life?

5) He accidentally keeps touching your arm or bumping into you

There’s no mistaking it.

Human beings love the physical touch of someone they’re interested in.

In fact, psychologists even say that physical touch is essential for your sense of well-being.

Psychologist Aaron Ben-Zeév suggests that even the briefest touch from someone you’re interested in elicits a strong emotional experience.

We even touch people subconsciously. This means we may seek the touch of someone we like without even realizing that’s what we’re trying to do.

Ask yourself this:

At a party or bar, or just in a crowded room, does he keep touching your arm or bumping into you and making excuses about how full the room is?

Pay attention, he’s totally doing it on purpose. You might even find yourself accidentally bumping into him too.

6) His body says it all

It can be difficult to figure out if a guy likes you.

It takes a rare kind of man with the courage to come out and say it.

That’s why you have to get used to learning the subtle cues that show a guy likes you.

Body language doesn’t lie. A guy’s body language reveals how he really feels.

Learning to read body language is a valuable skill in life and it’s worth exploring in depth.

Here are some key body language signs that he likes you when he’s around you:

  • He licks his lips
  • He leans in when he talks to you
  • He stands close to you when possible
  • He touches your hand
  • He dances close to you
  • He does the “eyebrow flash” (if you see something you like, your eyebrows quickly flash up)
  • He keeps his feet angled toward you
  • His voice changes
  • He stands broad and tall
  • His lips part
  • He faces you
  • He blushes

7) He remembers everything you tell him

When you’re interested in someone, you remember everything they say.

Sometimes you remember it word for word.

It’s the same when a guy is interested in you.

He may be good at hiding the signs. But if he remembers what you’ve told him, he’s probably interested.

Even if you only ever see each other in passing, he’ll recall something you said, bring it up, and make a point of letting you know he’s been thinking of you.

That’s a great sign he is interested in what’s going on between the two of you.

8) He slips up and gets flustered when he talks to you

This is a cute sign!

Even the coolest guys get tongue-tied around girls they like. So the chances are they’re going to slip up and get flustered if he likes you.

So if the guy you are eyeing keeps making stupid jokes or saying all the wrong things, it could be that he’s not a knucklehead, but just really into you.

Go easy on the poor guy. I know I’ve slipped up many times around girls I like!

9) He is always fidgeting and inching his way toward you

He can’t sit still but it’s not because he’s got a twitch.

It’s more likely that you make him nervous.

Remember that it’s harder than ever for guys to approach girls, especially ones that are rocking confidence and power.

More than ever women are gaining the upper hand in society and that can be off-putting to even the most confident guy.

It’s not sexy, but it’s probably a good sign he likes you.

10) He’s clearly trying to get your attention

Remember the hero instinct I wrote about before?

That’s where the guy wants you to think he’s amazing.

If the man you’re interested in is trying to get your attention, he probably likes you.

He wants you to think he’s smart and successful.

For a long time, that’s all women wanted in a guy: someone to provide for her.

But these days, he’ll have to go out on a limb to talk about the good deeds he has done, the people he has helped, and the changes he has made in people’s lives.

Watch for him going on and on about how he saved a stray puppy and you’ll know he’s digging you.

11) He picks on you, but in a fun way

Okay, I’m going to reveal a dirty little secret from my past.

I used to be a pick-up artist (PUA).

There’s a community of PUAs teaching each other how to meet girls and convince them to like them.

We learned many different tactics. One of these is called “negging”.

A “neg” is when you give a girl you like a back-handed compliment. It’s designed to make her feel good and slightly insecure at the same time.

Many men have learned these tactics. Other men do these tactics naturally.

If the man you like starts teasing you about your meal or shoes, he may not actually be a moron.

It could be that he’s teasing you because he likes you. Just know that he doesn’t actually mean to hurt your feelings.

He likes you, it’s just coming out all wrong.

12) He offers you genuine compliments

I recently watched an amazing (and free) masterclass on love and intimacy with the shaman Rudá Iandê.

Rudá Iandê breaks down the key elements of healthy and nurturing relationships.

He says the best relationships are when two partners grow and evolve together in the relationship.

I don’t know about you, but these are the kinds of relationships I want.

So I do my best to give the woman I like genuine compliments.

If I like what she’s doing in life, I’ll tell her. If I like how she treats people around her, I tell her.

Keep in mind that someone men are growing up and acting in mature ways. They may be the kind of men who have attended Rudá Iandê’s masterclasses.

13) You get that special feeling

You find yourself smiling when you think of him, and you look forward to seeing him. Whenever he talks to you, it makes you feel good.

Even if all he is saying is a dumb dad joke. Give the guy a chance to get it right. You’re obviously into him too.

13) It’s in his eyes.

Our eyes allow us to see many wonderful things in the world, but we often take for granted that our eyes have physiological responses to the world around us.

If you are wondering if the guy you are crushing on likes you too, pay attention to his eyes. Not just in how long he looks at you, but if he’s pupils react to seeing you.

Do they get bigger? Are they fixed right on you? All good signs that he likes you too.

14) It’s in his look.

Whether he looks you up and down or you stares a whole through you, paying attention to how he takes in the world around him is a great way to see what kind of things get his attention.

If he hasn’t looked at his phone since you sat down, chances are pretty good that he likes you. Or, he doesn’t have a phone. But it’s probably more likely that he likes you.

15) It’s in his expressions.

If his eyebrows keep moving up and down and he seems surprised when you are talking, like he’s just so excited to hear your voice, he likes you.

If his shoulders shrug and he is flashing you winks and looking at you to see your expression when something funny happens, he likes you.

16) It’s in his approach.

If he talks to you like you are the only girl in the room and if he gives you his undivided attention, pucker up, girl, he’s into you.

If he leans in and asks you more questions about yourself, pays attention to your words and reflects on them in his own life through examples of similiar situations, he likes you.

He’s trying to make a connection through commonalities.

17) It’s in his voice.

Men who are around women they like tend to have a boasterous voice. They want to stand out.

He wants you to hear him and see him. It might be a bit childish, but it’s certainly a good way to tell if he likes you or not.

If he’s quiet and reserved, chances are that he might still like you, but if he’s making a concerted effort to be seen by you, you are in.

18) It’s in his swagger.

If he walks like he owns the place and is looking you up and down while he heads your way, consider yourself on his radar.

Remember that guys use a lot of body langauge to do their talking as they don’t always know the right words to say.

The male approach to love hasn’t evolved a great deal and men still have a hard time showing women they care.

19) It’s in his stance.

If he stands tall, hips shoulder-width apart, hands on hips and is looking right at you, he’s into you.

This goes along with the walking piece: guys who stand a certain way and “present” themselves to you are interested in you.

You might also see guys doing this when they sit down: they’ll sit with their hips out.

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20) It’s in his words.

If you snag yourself a good guy, you’ll be able to tell you how he feels.

He’ll talk about the future and make reference to how much fun it would be to “do that together.” He won’t be shy about making it known that he likes you, despite not being able to come right out and say it.

Listen for verbal cues. On the other hand, if he’s shy, ask him about himself and see how much he reveals. If he trusts you, he’ll tell you all you need to know.

21) It’s in his distance.

If he’s sitting across the table looking over your shoulder, he’s not into you.

If he’s on the same side, cuddled close and looking to make eye contact, he’s into you.

If you keep locking eyes across the room and every time you look up, he’s closer, it’s a good thing.

He might stand a few feet away until he feels comfortable and then he’ll move in for some close-up action.

Keep an eye out on how close or far away he stands – it’s a good indicator of whether or not he likes you too.

22) He’s ignoring you

This might be a surprising one, but bare with me.

Some guys try to play hard to get. They appear like they don’t notice you in the hope that you will like them. After all, he thinks that it will make him look cooler if he appears disinterested. Crazy, I know!

Another reason is that he really likes you so he feels nervous around you. Therefore, he ignores as he doesn’t want to feel nervous.

23) He’s giving you long messages

If a guy is just giving you one word answers then he might not like you. But if he’s taking time to respond to messages, and he’s also responding quickly, then it shows that he cares about you and is thinking about you when he’s not near you.

This is a great sign that he likes you!

24) He gets jealous when you talk to other guys

It’s hard to control feelings of jealously. They come spontaneously and it’s pretty difficult to not let it affect your mood.

So if you’re out and he’s giving you the cold shoulder because you’re talking to other guys, it’s a fair chance he’s jealous.

Just give him some attention to let him know that you like him and he’ll come back right around!

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25) He’s teasing you

Remember in primary school when the guy that insults you actually likes you. Yeah, it’s the same when you’re older, too. They just do it a little more skilfully.

They’ll tease you and banter with you in an attempt to build rapport. That is of course, if they like you.

26) He tries to help you with your problems

Guys enjoy being problem solvers, particularly for girls they like. So if he is always trying to help you solve your problems, then there’s a fair chance that he likes you!

27) He wants you to meet his friends

He likes, he’s proud of you and he wants to show you off to his friends. He wouldn’t take the time to introduce you to his friends if he didn’t like you.

It’s a big step and he’s trying to get his friend’s approval of you. So put on a big smile and make your best impression. If his friends like you, you could become a couple very soon.

28) He wants to know your future plans

This is an excellent sign that he sees a future with you. After all, he wants to know what your future goals are to see if they match with his.

If he is also willing tell you what his future plans are, then that’s a great sign that he likes you and wants to be your boyfriend!

29) Is he acting a bit weird?

If he’s nervous around you, it means he probably likes you. And if he’s nervous, he’ll probably also act weird.

He might start telling weird jokes, or sweating. Whatever it is, it’s just a weird way to let out his nervous energy. Don’t worry about it. Soon enough, he’ll calm down and start acting normal.

30) He is mirroring your actions

When someone imitates your actions and words, it’s a sign that he respects you, admires you and likes you.

So, this is what you should look out for: Is he mirroring your energy levels? Is he talking fast when you’re talking fast? Is he copying your slang? These are great signs that he likes you.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to see if a guy likes you. But if you really want to know, then you should ask him. You haven’t got much to lose!

But if that’s not your style, and granted it’s not many people’s style, then stick to the above 30 signs and you’ll be well on your way to knowing the truth!