Hair Care Tips: 7 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Breaking More Than Usual

The ends of your hair are frayed, your hair is all over the place (quite literally), there’s unstoppable hair fall, and a few strands are longer than the others. There are the pesky split ends and there’s ample breakage. To put an end to this hairy mess, you’ve scoured the web, the doctor’s clinic and even ravaged your friend’s dresser. But all you could find was this article that will now help you identify your (s)tressful situation.

Raise your hands if you like frayed ends and brittle hair. Well, I suppose none of you would’ve raised your hands. Because these annoying little hair strands are the ones that make for a bad hair day. Life is pretty hard an anyway without having to deal with bad hair days, so we did some research and found out what causes the hair to break.

Why Is Your Hair Breaking?

Why Is Your Hair Breaking


Let’s begin with the understanding that hair shedding is pretty normal. Shedding anywhere between 50-100 strands a day is considered ordinary. But, if the hair starts to break, creating uneven strands and frayed ends, then it’s a matter of worry. Breakage occurs when the hair gets weak. This, in turn, is a consequence of the damage caused by poor hair care.

If you’re fed up finding broken hair strands in the shower, or in your hairbrush every time you comb your hair, we feel you. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing our precious tresses fall to the ground, helplessly, saying goodbye to their roots.So, to put an end to the endless loop of questions about why your hair might be breaking here’s a quick list of possible causes:

1. You’re Oiling Your Hair Beyond Its Requirement

Hair Beyond Its Requirement


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Dry, moisture-less, frayed ends are, to say the least, embarrassing. To combat this embarrassment, we often do what our elders ask us to — oil our hair. But a common mistake that we all make is that we overdo it. Our scalp naturally produces oils that keep a certain amount of moisture intact in our hair. Due to certain external or internal factors, this moisture content might deteriorate. So, oiling your hair should be just to provide extra nourishment. Don’t soak your hair in oil, because more oil would require more shampoo to wash it off, and that would make your tresses really dry. Just use a few drops and spread it across using a comb.

2. You’re Shampooing Your Hair From Scalp To The Ends

Hair From Scalp To The Ends


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Just like the models in the adverts, we all lather our hair with dollops of shampoo and vigorously rub the shampoo through the lengths of the hair. This leads to breakage. It affects the cuticles and takes away the shine from our mane (1). Shampoos are essentially meant to be used only on the scalp unless the bottle mentions otherwise.

3. You’re Not Conditioning Your Hair

Conditioning Your Hair


First of all, why would you dare to skip this haircare step? Conditioners are one of the best innovations of mankind. They help moisturize the hair, add shine to it, and tame unmanageable hair. It also seals the cuticles and helps in repairing damaged hair (2). It should always be used on the length of the hair, away from the scalp. Rinse off thoroughly with clean water.

4. You’re Tying Your Hair Up While It’s Still Wet

Hair Up While It’s Still Wet


Hair is most delicate when it’s wet. So refrain from tying your hair up in a bun or even using a hairclip on it. It can cause breakage and lead to splits in the hair. Also, remember not to towel dry your hair in brisk motions. That too leads to breakage.

5. You’re Overdoing The Coloring And Chemical Treatments

Coloring And Chemical Treatments


Chemical treatments like straightening, bleaching, perming, and coloring can lead to alarming breakage and hair fall. It weakens the bonds of the hair and damages it beyond repair (3). Sometimes, only a dramatic chop can reverse this damage and regrow hair in its virgin state.

6. You’re Overusing Heat-Styling Tools

Overusing Heat-Styling Tools


This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. We’re aware that heat styling can make the hair weak, and more prone to breakage. The constant pulling of hair can damage the hair from the roots (4). If you can’t avoid heat-styling, it’s always wise to use a heat protectant before.

7. Your Hair Is Hungry

Your Hair Is Hungry


Feed your hair. As you feed yourself, feed your hair too, with replenishing home remedies, hair masks, and moisturizing hair packs. Oil it, nourish it and pamper it. You can use eggs, avocados, bananas, olive oil, etc. to make a suitable hair mask for yourself. If your hair is well-fed, it will not cry for attention with breakage and other hair concerns.

Now that we know what causes our hair to break, let’s pledge to take care of it and maintain healthy hair care habits. After all, it’s called the crowning glory for a reason, right? Let’s hold up our crown high and mane-tain it.

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