LED grow lights for indoor gardening

Light it up.

Light it up. (Belle Hunt via Unsplash/)

Gardening is a therapeutic practice that fosters organic and sustainable living. With the right grow light, you can simulate sunlight and grow herbs, orchids, and even some fruits and vegetables indoors year-round. LED grow lights are the most efficient and effective type of plant lighting as they emit blue and red light wavelengths that stimulate stronger growth and photosynthesis. Since they don’t use mercury, lead, gas or filament, LEDs are also better for the environment.

Here are our picks.

Use it for anything.

Use it for anything. (Amazon/)

Juhefa’s professional full spectrum grow light panel is equipped with 75 high-power LED chips—47 red, 19 blue, three UV, three IR, and three white—that stimulate flowering, seeding, and germination. It can be used for succulents, mirco-greens, and plants that grow in soil. The panel is made from strong ABS material, ensuring heat dissipation and durability.

For your babies on shelves. (Amazon/)

This dual-head c-clamp grow lamp is similar to the natural sunlight and ideal for all kinds of indoor plants at any growth stages. Its flexible 18 inch gooseneck and rotatable bulbs provide 360-degree illumination and make it easy to adjust the angle and distance between the light and plants. There are also three different lighting modes so you can modify and monitor the growth of your home garden.

Most secure stand. (Amazon/)

What, you ask, is better than two heads? How about three. This tri-head LED lights adjustable tripod stand extends up to 47 inches, so you can adjust the desired angle and height according to your plant’s needs. This grow light comes with a circular memory timer function that automatically turns on and off any of the three lighting modes—purple, clear warm, and clear white—and 10 levels of brightness. And because it’s essentially a floor lamp, it will blend with your home decor.

Keep your little crop nourished. (Amazon/)

The upgraded Ezorkas grow light has four adjustable lamp heads with an automatic timing function for lighting every three hours, nine hours or 12 hours, and a convenient USB connector. Its nine dimmable and three spectral modes—red, blue, and mixed light—suit varied stages of plant growth. With high energy-efficiency features and a high emergence rate, your garden gets a balance of quality, safety and longevity.