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Low-flow faucets and shower heads that save water without losing the luxury

Control your water usage.

Control your water usage. (Imani via Unsplash/)

Investing in a low-flow faucet or shower head is a great way to save money and the environment, but we get that you might have some hesitations. No one wants to take a shower with water coming down like mist. There are actually some great options that will save water without you even noticing the difference. Here are four of our favorite products for all your sinks and showers.

We don’t need a gallon of water to wash our hands.

We don’t need a gallon of water to wash our hands. (Amazon/)

This is an excellent aerator by Niagara Conservation that will fit comfortably on most kitchen and bathroom faucets. It really makes saving water a no-brainer. There are three water flow rates, which is nice because you can adjust the pressure based on your needs. Most of the time, you shouldn’t need a high flow rate to wet your toothbrush or wash your face. If you have to hose down a dirty pan, however, just rotate the aerator to turn up the intensity. It’s easy to install and so cheap that it seems silly not to get it. Little things like this can make a big difference when it comes to saving our planet.

Go with the flow.

Go with the flow. (Amazon/)

If you’re looking to cut down on your water bill, this shower head is an absolute steal. We know how much you love good water pressure, and you don’t worry about compromising anymore. The High Sierra Showerhead uses 1.5GPM (that’s gallons per minute), which means the device saves 40 percent of the water used for an average shower. Miraculously, the spray is still strong, so you won’t get stuck with soap in your hair. It’s attractive looking too and comes in four finishes: chrome, nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished brass.

You’ll be impressed by the pressure.

You’ll be impressed by the pressure. (Amazon/)

This Niagara shower head is another great option that will save you even more water. Operating at 1.25GPM, we are impressed that this shower head still gives us the shoulder massage we want. You can thank the patented pressure compensating technology for that. For those days when you really need a little extra, you can adjust the head to get a stronger stream. We also appreciate that this shower head has a self-cleaning, non-aerated spray, which means you don’t need to fuss over it. Less hassle, lower water bill, same good water pressure—what’s not to like.

Low flow saves dough.

Low flow saves dough. (Amazon/)

Niagara Conservation has done it again with this handheld shower head. Like the brand’s other water saving products, this shower head makes cutting back on GPM easy. You won’t notice a difference, but you don’t have to wonder whether it’s too good to be true. It’s a WaterSense certified shower head, which guarantees you’ll save 40 percent of the water you would go through using a regular shower head. Since the flow is non-aerated, your water won’t lose heat as it gets pumped out of the nozzle. We know you don’t want to get caught in a cold shower with conditioner still in your hair.

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