These Hilarious Illustrations Depict The Reality Of Marriage


We all live under the notion that marriage gets predictable over time. But if you talk to most of the lovely couples out there, you’ll know that in reality, it seems to be otherwise. Marriage can always find copious ways to amaze you. When you selected your man for life, you must have thought that both of you together would travel the world. In fact, he being an avid traveler must’ve been one of the primary traits of his that attracted you. Now, although you still want to travel with him every time, you wouldn’t mind if you had to just spend a few weekends in between your trips lazing around with him.

After your first fight with your partner, you must’ve promised yourself that you wouldn’t budge and apologize no matter what. The funny part is, oftentimes, after the fight has ended you find yourself baking him brownies to lift his spirits on a happier note. Such is the power of love and marriage. Now that we live in a world where we understand and relate to things best when they are in the form of illustrations; here are a few illustrations by @lovehandlecomics that help depict the reality of marriage in the best way possible.

P.S. read it with your spouse!

1. Taking Pictures Of Your Partner While They Are Asleep

Taking Pictures Of Your Partner While They Are Asleep

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When do you find your partner to be the cutest angel ever? When they are sleeping of course! Most of the married couples out there will admit to doing this. Doing this has two advantages too. One, every time you have a fight and are forced to think that your spouse may be a demon. One look at your spouse’s sleeping picture and you’re convinced that your spouse is just 20 percent demonic and the remaining 80 percent, well, a lovable angel! Two, you can always blackmail them (in a fun way) whenever they get on your nerves.

2. When You Cannot Let Go Of Your Chips

When You Cannot Let Go Of Your Chips

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There are certain habits like sipping your coffee or munching on chips with loud background noise. This habit of yours might irritate your partner. You want to stop it but at the same time, chips came into your life before your partner, right? And then you figure out a midway through this whole situation.

3. As A Couple, You Love Your Bad Eating Habits

As A Couple, You Love Your Bad Eating Habits

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Over time, your bad habit of munching on chips might have passed on to your partner. So, what’s the outcome of this? While at the grocery store, it’s 70 percent of chips and junk; and 30 percent of fruits and vegetables. Because a married couple that snacks together stays together. Period.

4. Taking Shelter From The Storm

Taking Shelter From The Storm

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Every thunder that nature strikes outside or in your very own personal life — it scares the hell out of you. What do you do at such times? You end up finding shelter in your partner. Just being with them makes you forget about the storm outside.

5. You Have A Folder On Your Phone That Reads “Silly Pics Of Love”

ou Have A Folder On Your Phone That Reads Silly Pics Of Love

lovehandlecomics / Instagram

All those who are happily married will agree to this that being together in love isn’t always about being adorably cute towards each other. You need to have the fun and mischievous elements in it too. Annoying each other can be cute too, right? Raise your hands if you have a folder in your phones dedicated to funny pictures of your partner. Also, how many of you go the extra mile and dare to post those pictures on social media? (Chuckles)

6. You Don’t Hug Right If You Don’t Hug Tight

You Dont Hug Right If You Don’t Hug Tight

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It could be your first year of marriage or it could be your tenth. If there is anything that both of you will never get bored of, it has to be the feeling of hugging each other. We’re sure we’ve seen our own family members fighting over not hugging enough. The warmth of tight hug symbolizes many things — the feeling of being there for each other no matter what, it shows how strong your bond is with each other, etc. Therefore, always remember to hug right by hugging tight.

7. You’ll Forever Find Reasons To Be With Each Other

You’ll Forever Find Reasons To Be With Each Other

lovehandlecomics / Instagram

How will you know if your partner and you are made for each other? You shouldn’t be asking others to validate you both as a couple because self-validation is the best way to do it. When in a happy marriage, you’re bound to fall in love with what both of you like and dislike. If he doesn’t like eating sweet potatoes from the plate, you might eat it for him. You might love learning about new facts from him while he loves to show off his geeky side. You find reasons to be with each other no matter what.

Don’t all of the above illustrations prove that marriage is nothing but a long adventure? The best part about it is that you get to even plan the adventure. Did you relate to the above illustrations? Let us know in the comments section below.

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