Dusters that make it easier to keep your home clean

Keep your home dust-free.

Keep your home dust-free. ( Samantha Gades /)

There is so much that goes into keeping your home clean: vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dishes, surfaces, and more. We know that with all that going on it can be hard to remember one very important task, dusting. It’s often hard to notice dust accumulating but it’s there and can have a detrimental effect on your health, belongings, and overall cleanliness. Most homes collect up to 40lbs of dust a year made out of (this is going to get gross) dead skin cells, saliva, hair, spores, fibers, and other matter. Breathing in that stuff can irritate your nose and throat potentially inspiring an allergic reaction or triggering asthma. It’s time to commit to getting rid of dust build-up and we have found some excellent tools to help get the job done.

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One-stop shop.

One-stop shop. (Amazon/)

The DocaPole dusting kit will cover literally all of your dusting needs. Choose from the 12, 24, or 30-foot model to reach even the tallest cracks and crevices. Each kit includes three different attachments: a dome-shaped, cobweb duster that utilizes electrostatic action to trap and hold particles, a microfiber feather duster that can be used on the pole or on its own for more delicate surfaces or objects, and a chenille ceiling fan duster with a flexible stem for a heavy-duty clean. Each attachment is easily washable and replacements are available if necessary.

Disposable destroy dirt.

Disposable destroy dirt. (Amazon/)

This Swiffer starter kit is the perfect way to tackle dust and dirt build-up in your home. It comes with twelve flexible, fluffy duster refills that easily connect to a swivel head at the end of an ergonomically designed handle so you can get into tight, hard to reach spaces. You can also get an extra three feet of reach if needed because the rod is extendable. This feature means it’s great for cleaning ceiling fans, cabinets, shelves, window panes, and more. The fibers on this duster are specially coated, meaning they are able to lock onto dust particles and never let go. When you’re done, just throw the duster head in the trash, simple and easy.

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An updated take on a classic. (Amazon/)

This microfiber duster is a spin-off of the classic ostrich feather duster found in so many movies, tv shows, and cartoons. This material mimics the flexibility of real feathers and uses electrostatic fibers to pick up and hold onto hair, dust, strings, and other material bits lingering around your home. The base has been crafted to extend up to 100 inches for an easy way to get to tricky spots. Feel fancy with faux feathers and a newly cleaned ceiling fan.

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Step outside the box. (Amazon/)

If you are looking for something to help with an up-close and personal dust, we suggest grabbing a pack of cleaning cloths. While these microfiber cloths don’t resemble a traditional duster, they can take you a long way when it comes to a pristine clean. These are great for dusting objects like picture frames, vases, books, mantles, basically anything within reach. Leave a few in your car for an on the go clean. Each cloth is easily washable and won’t leave any residue behind. Plus, they are multi-purpose and can soak up spills, clean stovetops, and dry dishes.