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The best Nintendo Switch controllers for solo or party play

Switch it up.

Switch it up. (Jippe Joosten via Unsplash/)

While PlayStation and Xbox engage in their never ending battle for graphical supremacy, Nintendo confidently goes about its business innovating the way we play and unlocking the potential of the console system.

The Nintendo Switch is part handheld, part console, designed to be the ultimate communal experience. But in order to take full advantage of its party-friendly games, you’ll need to invest in some additional controllers.

Providing smooth transitions.

Providing smooth transitions. (Amazon/)

The Switch’s standard snap-on, snap-off controllers are imaginative and fun (and reminiscent of the original Nintendo controller), but they can be hard to adapt to for players weaned on Xbox’s bulkier handhelds. The RegeMoudal wireless has all the functionality of a Switch controller with a more traditional controller’s look and feel. After only 2-3 hours of charging time, the controller can deliver 8 hours of gameplay.

Fire up Goldeneye.

Fire up Goldeneye. (Amazon/)

What better way to prove your Nintendo fan cred by combining the company’s newest console with an undisputed classic from its past? This PowerA controller is made to work with the Switch, but looks exactly like the old Nintendo 64 controller from the late ’90s. A perfect combination of functional and nostalgic—who could ask for more? It connects via Bluetooth and comes in an array of colors ranging from black to purple to gold to Pokemon.

Not here for kid’s stuff. (Amazon/)

In some circles, the Switch is derided for not being “serious” enough for the truly hardcore. Get ready to prove them wrong. This hefty controller not only feels like it’s ready for action, it has the functionality to back it up. Sensitive full-range thumb controls react with accuracy and speed, and the button configuration is entirely customizable. A one-click “turbo” function unleashes the full power of your trigger finger to the tune of six shots per second—more than enough to silence the naysayers.

Great replacements. (Amazon/)

Since the Switch is all about the more, the merrier, you don’t have to overthink this. Kinvoca offers a wide range of additional Joy-con controllers in cool colors (like neon green and yellow and deep gray) that are slightly more streamlined and comfortable versions of the standard Switch Joy-cons (the slight ergonomic curve underneath feels a lot more natural in your hand).

Luigi Death Stare not included. (Amazon/)

It’s no secret that Mario Kart is one of the standout games on the Switch. If you want to truly run the road, you need to snap your standard Joy-con controllers into these matching steering wheel-shaped accessories. They won’t do much to solve your “additional controllers needed” problem (they don’t come with a Joy-con themselves), but they are a great add-on and they bring and extra level of fun to all driving games.