Touch screen watches that do way more than tell time

Stay in touch.

Stay in touch. (Luke Chesser/Unsplash/)

Touch screen watches are more than simple time pieces. Packed with features like fitness trackers, sedentary reminders, email alerts, and built-in payment systems, these small but mighty gadgets will keep you organized and active throughout the day. Plus, they make for a very stylish accessory.

Here are some of our favorites.

Send texts and make calls.

Send texts and make calls. (Amazon/)

The Apple Watch Series 3 is sleek, water-resistant, and connects directly to your iPhone so you can easily access your apps, including music, audiobooks, and Apple Pay. Access all these features with a simple touch of the wrist. What’s more, its built-in cellular feature allows you to make calls, dictate texts, and send emails directly from your watch. Extra points for its colorful, user-friendly activity tracker, which monitors your exercise and movement throughout the day.

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Get a great night’s sleep.

Get a great night’s sleep. (Amazon/)

If you’re struggling with getting the right amount of shut-eye, the Samsung Galaxy Watch analyzes your sleep patterns to offer analysis on how to improve your nights. For extra help unwinding, try the integrated Calm app, which helps users relax through soothing meditation and breathing exercises. This lightweight, Bluetooth-compatible watch also tracks your activities throughout the day, sending alerts when it detects high or low heart rate and details the results of your fitness efforts.

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Connect with your friends through the app. (Amazon/)

The Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker has all the features of other touch screen watches—like tracking calories and steps—plus some added benefits. Connect with Fitbit Premium and you’ll get insight into your exercise progress, along with thousands of workout programs. If you don’t feel like paying for extra services, just snag the free Fitbit app, which allows you to record your fitness goals and connect with friends who also have the watch.

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Measures more than 15 activities. (Amazon/)

If you’re looking for a touch screen watch that offers customized fitness routines, go with the Garmin Vivoactive 3. It comes with preloaded workouts and has more than 15 diverse sports modes to choose from, including yoga, swimming, paddle boarding, and snowboarding. Once you’ve selected your exercise of choice, the watch keeps track of your activities through a built-in GPS system that measures distance and pace. It’s designed for contactless payment.