Rosemary Works Well Against Fatigue, Restores Strength And Improves Mood


Works well against exhaustion, restores strength and improves mood…

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a source of soothing essential oil, which includes camphor, cineol, pinene. It also contains bitter solids, choline, tannin, resin…

Our folk medicine most often uses rosemary as a means of improving blood circulation, increasing low blood pressure. It also treats anemia in children, corrects appetite, soothes the stomach, restores the exhausted body, corrects mood, reduces anxiety, tension, relieves anxiety.

Due to the positive effect of circulation, this herb also relieves menstrual cramps and can help in the absence of menstruation.

If rosemary tea is drunk in the evening it will reduce the need for sleep.

Rosemary tea (as well as rosemary coatings) relieve headaches, especially those caused by excessive mental stress.

In case of prolonged fatigue and exhaustion, the herb elixir of three herbs helps

Put in a larger jar one liter of black wine, then add 30 grams of rosemary, 30 grams of thyme and 50 grams of sage leaves.

This mixture should be kept in a well-sealed jar for three days in a dark place. Then drain the contents of the jar and drink a small glass three times daily after meals.

Works well against fatigue, restores strength and improves mood.

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