Seven Friends Buy Mansion So They Can All Live Together When They’re Old


Have you ever joked with friends that you would buy a shared home to live in when you were old?

Seven friends from China turned that joke into reality and became a viral hit on the Internet.

Together they bought a house on the outskirts of Guangzhou and invested more than half a million dollars in renovations, turning it into a dream home. Their goal is to live together after they retire.

Friends Buy Mansion
Friends Buy Mansion
Friends Buy Mansion

“In the beginning, it was a joke. We were joking that we would meet when we were 60 and live the retirement days together. We were colleagues and sometimes even closer than sisters, ”said one of her friends.

The house of the seven friends stretches over an area of ​​700 m2 and is surrounded by a field. On the first floor of the house, there is a living room for everyone, with a large dining table where everyone eats together. Upstairs there is a room for each of them. The carpets, tables and some of the decorations in the rooms were bought by friends from India and Morocco.

“We cook together, barbecue in the field, sing and collect food from the village. We joke that from now on each of us should start to acquire one skill in order to not be lonely and to argue with one another after 10 years. For example, one can cook delicious food, the other to know traditional Chinese medicine, the third to play instruments, the fourth to plant vegetables … “- explained one of the friends.

“We are independent individuals, but at the same time, we can communicate and rely on each other. After 10 years, our children will grow up, so we hope we can be together again, ”she added.

Friends Buy Mansion
Friends Buy Mansion

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