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How To Use Makeup To Hide Chubby Cheeks

“Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin
Rosy lips, teeth within
Curly hair, very fair…”

This nursery rhyme sounds like the description of the perfect cherubic angel, which at that age is the epitome of beauty, but in your twenties, you don’t want to be described like that, do you? After all, we all want to be lean-mean machines to experience the prime of our youths, don’t we? While you can certainly achieve that lean frame by putting in your hours at the gym and curbing your taste buds, there’s no guarantee you can deflate your chubby cheeks with them.

You see, a lot of people are naturally endowed with a round face, and puffy cheeks and they are unable to get a prominent jawline even with substantial weight loss. If you are one such unlucky soul, don’t worry, we have a trick up our sleeve to hide those chubby cheeks of yours, and that is with makeup. Here’s what you need to do if you want to give your face a sleeker appearance:

Step # 1 First, Shape Your Eye Brow Arches Just Right

First, Shape Your Eye Brow Arches Just Right

selenagomez / Instagram

The trick to using makeup to hide chubby cheeks is to draw attention away from them. One of the easiest ways of doing so is drawing attention to your eyes. One of the first things you notice in a person’s face are their eyes, and well-structured eyebrows give them more definition. Look at the likes of celebrities such as Selena Gomezand notice how they have high arches in their brows. This also gives their face a more elongated appearance.

Step # 2 Use A Silver Or A Bronze Blush

Use A SilverOr A Bronze Blush


The purpose of a blush, apart from giving you a healthy flush, is to highlight your cheeks. This is something you want to actively avoid. Therefore, if you must, then use a bronzer to give a little tint to your cheeks. It will create an illusion of elongation, thereby thinning your cheeks, at least perceptively. You can also choose a silver-colored blush to highlight your cheekbones which will help you in hiding your chubby cheeks.

Step # 3 Opt For A Cream Blush To Give Yourself A Little Bit Of Pink On Your Nose

OptFor A Cream Blush To Give Yourself A Little Bit Of Pink On Your Nose


Up next is your nose. Create a flushed look for your nose, don’t worry the idea is not to portray you as Rudolph (the red-nosed dear) rather we just want to give you an over-all rosy hue, otherwise, the blush on your cheeks will stick out like a sore thumb. Take some peach-colored creamy blush in your fingers and apply it in a c-shape direction on your nose by dabbing it on.

Step # 4. Use Light And Dark-Toned Foundation To Contour Your Cheeks

Use Light And Dark-Toned Foundation To Contour Your Cheeks


Contouring is a technique by which one uses light and dark-colored make up products to give the appearance of more sculpted facial features. Apply the dark foundation on your jawline and blend it towards your neck. Apply some of it over your temples to make your face appear more elongated instead of its actual round shape. Apply the light foundation on the ridge of your nose, covering its sides with the darker foundation. This will enhance the shape of your nose.

Now, having done that, suck in your cheeks to locate your cheekbones. You can also try smiling at the mirror and locate the highest point of your smile. You have to contour around it as shown below.



To make your jaw area appear less wide, apply the dark foundation in a manner that it is going from your cheekbone towards your mouth.

Step # 5 Don’t Forget To Blend

Don’t Forget To Blend


When it comes to getting your contouring right, blending it in properly is the key. Why? Because even if you have applied too much of a product, blending it in with a sponge can ensure that it is absorbed better and gives you a seamless finish. If you have chosen products with creamy textures instead of liquid one, then it would be best if you blend it with your fingers, so that the warmth of your finger can melt the product as you apply it, allowing you to mix it better.

Step # 6 Highlight Your Eyes And Lips

Highlight Your Eyes And Lips


Now that you have successfully contoured your face, concentrate on other parts of your face. Go for winged eyeliner to give your eyes a dramatic look, making them appear bigger so as to draw attention away from your cheeks. And as for your lips, choose a nude-pink shade in glossy texture to make your lips appear plump and full. Now, you are all set to debut your new chiseled look.

Chubby cheeks are nothing to worry about, with makeup, you can even give yourself a new nose. All you need to do is sharpen your makeup skills. Try this makeup routine and tell us how it worked out for you in the comments section. If you have any other tips that can make one’s face appear more chiseled, share them with us.

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