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What Happens To Your Skin When You Sleep With Makeup?

Our lives right now are extremely fast-paced, isn’t it? We seldom have time to complete all our daily chores along with our work, forget about wearing and removing makeup. However, there’s indeed a surge in women taking to make up these days to look a little more beautiful and presentable. You could blame the social media posts that showcase beautiful women who are layered with tons of makeup on their faces.

But, yes, makeup too is an art to learn and it’s totally a personal choice whether to opt for it or not. One thing that we need to ensure is that as much every single makeup product has its expiry date, it also had a limited time period on our faces as well. Makeup shouldn’t be on our skin for long else it will start harming our sensitive skin. But the major careless thing to do while having makeup on is to go to bed without removing it. It’s neither good for your skin nor for your sheets dear women. Here’s a list of the icky stuff that happens to our skin when we sleep with makeup on. Pay attention and read.

1. Pores Are Clogged

Pores Are Clogged


Sleeping with makeup on is the most murderous thing to do to our pores. Many makeup products have silicone-like ingredients that clog the pores. Makeup products also contain dyes and artificial perfumes that can interfere with the health of the skin by clogging the pores with oil and dirt. This will make way for bacterial infections and acne breakouts on our skin. Hence, wash your face before you go to sleep.

2. Skin Becomes Dull And Parched

Skin Becomes Dull And Parched


What exactly is the foundation? It’s the process of applying a layer of a makeup product on our skin to even out the tone and hide the flaws, isn’t it? So while this layer of makeup is on our skin, it is making it difficult for our skin to breathe freely. As a result, all the natural oils secreted by our skin gets accumulate right below the makeup layer. There’s an amass of dirt and dead skin cells which the skin isn’t able to shed off on time. There’s a lack of moisture too. All of these end up making one’s face lifeless. Hence, get rid of makeup before you go to sleep.

3. Fine Lines And Wrinkles Appear

Fine Lines And Wrinkles Appear


If makeup is left for too long on our skin, it sucks the moisture out of our skin, leaving our skin extremely dry. And when skin gets dry unreasonably, the birth of wrinkles and fine lines starts. Also, the problem of dryness gets an exaggerated touch owing to free radicals of the polluted environment that curtail the production of collagen and also result in cellular damage of the skin.

4. Eyelashes Become Brittle, Eye Infections Can Happen

Eyelashes Become Brittle, Eye Infections Can Happen


If you’re going to sleep with eye makeup like eyeliner or mascara on, the region around your eyes end up looking very deep-set and dark. The chemicals present in eyeliner and eye makeup can also clog the tiny hair follicles of the lashes causing inflammation. Inflammation conditions like hordeolum or styles which are very painful and distressing can occur. Also, eye infections can happen and can lead to conditions like conjunctivitis. Mascara can also make your eyelashes very dry and brittle.

5. Lips Flake And Become Dark

Lips Flake And Become Dark


Sadly, those plumping lipsticks might, in reality, be zapping out the moisture from your lips. Also, let’s not forget that the skin of our lips is much thinner, delicate, and sensitive compared to our facial skin. Therefore, sleeping with any kind of lipstick will chap your lips and make it dark. So, remove your lipstick before you sleep even the one that claims to moisturize your lips.

6. The Reparatory Process Takes A Hit

The Reparatory Process Takes A Hit


Our bodies do the regeneration process while we are resting. When we are asleep, our body is fixing up all the energy used by us throughout the entire day. The same applies to our skin as well. While we’re resting, our skin does the work of regenerating new cells. Our skin repairs itself when we sleep. Therefore, removing makeup before we hit the snooze button is a must. Our pores release sebum which rehydrates our skin and protects it from the damage caused by free radicals present in the air. And if we leave our makeup on, this process is tampered.

Use micellar water or rose water to remove your makeup every single day before you fall asleep. Make it an integral part of your self-care routine no matter how busy your day might be. Always opt for a more natural makeup remover. Remove the makeup, cleanse your face, and don’t forget to moisturize it before you sleep. It’s a basic skin regime that must be followed for healthier-looking skin every single day.

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