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6 Tips To Host A Perfect Budget-Friendly Brunch

Why do people go out on a brunch these days? It is to spend quality time with friends and family. Of course, what keeps the good times rolling is a scrumptious spread of food and good options of drinks as well. But, brunches have become a tad bit expensive now, not to forget the long queues that you need to stand to be able to fill your plate with your favorite dish. And, the pancakes and cocktails are way too expensive too. Therefore, in the interest of saving some money, we decide to host a brunch at our homes and invite our “constants for life” over. But, is hosting a brunch easy? Never! The thought of you having the responsibility that everybody coming over to your place needs to have a great time is quite nerve-racking.

And hosting a brunch never comes cheap, right from food to alcohol, decor to games—all of it comes with a price. And if you don’t plan it wise, it can burn a really big hole in your pocket! But don’t you worry now, we’ve got you covered with these easy tips to host a budget-friendly brunch. Read on.

#6 BYOB Message Goes To All The Invitees

BYOB Message Goes To All The Invitees


If you’re planning on serving cocktails at your brunch, then it’s obvious that you’ll need all the specific liquors stocked in your bar cabinet at home. Also, let’s not forget the expensive wines that ladies fancy big time. Providing these to every body you’ve invited for the brunch you’re hosting at home will increase your cost of hosting it.

To promote cost-cutting, we recommend that when you send a message to your friends inviting them over for brunch at your place, include one line that says BYOB, this stands for “bring your own booze.” You’re anyways providing food for everybody, so there’s no shame in asking them to take care of their drinks on their own.

#5 Cook All The Eggs You’ve Got At Home

Cook All The Eggs You’ve Got At Home


When it comes to brunch, eggs form the staple food item. And thankfully, they’re more than just budget-friendly for you. The fact that you can cook it in more than just ways, makes it a diverse staple. Serve them boiled, fried, in the form of a frittata or an omelet, or such top a salad with a poached one — they will be loved! Get innovative with your egg dishes and surprise your guests.

#4 Ditch Décor And Fill It With Food

Ditch Decor And Fill It With Food


We think that décor forms an unnecessary part of a brunch. People are coming to your home to eat, drink and be merry. Not to check with which flower you have decorated your table, or which cutlery you’ve put into use. Anyways, we present to you a secret trick — the best way to make your table look good is to fill it up with dishes you’ve cooked for your guests. This not just covers up for the décor, but it will also make your guests feel that you’ve cooked a royal spread for them.

#3 Make Use Of Small Plates And Glasses

Make Use Of Small Plates And Glasses


You might think that it’s a bad attitude to serve in small plates and glasses. But, the point here is that if you serve your food in small plates and cocktails in small glasses, it’s going to do two favors for you. One, this will ensure that your guests don’t overeat or over-indulge in those tipsy cocktails. Second, if they’re going to consume less, you’re naturally benefited, don’t you think?

#2 Serve Infused Water

Serve Infused Water


Fruit punch bowls, cocktails, cold-pressed juices — all of these will eat up your time and also burn a hole in the pocket. Instead, serve varieties of infused water in transparent mugs or jars. They look fancy, colorful, and also give out sophisticated sparks. These are healthy and in fact, you could shop all the elements and keep it separately. And, let your guests pick and make their own infused water.

#1 Don’t Forget The Music

Don’t Forget The Music


Music can instantly liven up a place. It makes brunch more fun, relaxed, and happy. Play music with positive notes which will radiate good vibes to your guests at come. It will also make them feel that you’re a very hearty and warm-welcoming host.

Remember that the trick to host a perfect, budget-friendly brunch is to keep it simple and minimal. Cook what you cook best. Don’t dive into an experimental zone. And don’t ever forget making some coffee for everybody. No matter how much of a scotch lover a person can be, his/her love for a coffee can never fade. Also, if there are pancakes and waffles on your menu, you can skip making desserts.

These were some of the tips we think can prove to be useful for you while hosting a brunch, especially if it’s your first time hosting one. So, peeps, happy brunching!

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