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63 Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]

Check out this list of things to never throw away and what to do with them, especially if you love to DIY!

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Things to Never Throw Away for Your Next DIY Projects

1. Wine Corks

Wine and stash of wine corks | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
DIY Wine Cork Crafts Ideas Photo by DIY Projects

With these DIY wine cork crafts and the things you can do with corks, it’s a shame to throw them away, indeed. Next time, keep them all in a container so they are better organized.

2. Wine or Beer Bottles

Bottle Creative Design with lights | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Cool Recycling Projects With Glass Bottles Photo by DIY Projects

Learn how to cut glass and you’ll never throw bottles away. That’s because we have these cool recycling projects you can do with glass bottles.

Quick tip: You can also get yourself a quality glass cutter to help prevent any accidental cuts!

3. Broken Crayons

Colorful shades of lipstick | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
How to Make MAC Lipstick Colors With Crayons Photo by DIY Projects

Don’t throw broken crayon pieces but make them into new art supplies, candles, toys and even this picture frame for home decor. You can even make MAC lipstick colors, too!

4. Pipe Cleaners

Two girls playing | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Pipe Cleaners Crafts Photo by DIY Projects

While pipe cleaners are often used for crafts, some leftovers can fall by the wayside. Pick every last one bit from now on because you’re going to need more for these pipe cleaners crafts for your kids.

5. Toilet Paper Rolls

Boy paint toilet paper | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids Photo by DIY Projects

If you’ve been throwing toilet paper rolls out, then your kids may be missing out on a lot. Check out these toilet paper roll crafts here and you’ll never throw these pieces away.

6. Pallets

Wood crate | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Where to Get Free Pallets for Reclaimed Wood Projects Photo by DIY Projects

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know wood pallets are awesome for so many woodworking projects. How about trying a pallet wall art, too?

7. Old Tires

Old tires crafts | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Genius Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Tires Photo by DIY Projects

Tires get worn out after a couple of years, and before you know it you have a garage full of them. Have you considered turning it into a coffee table or ottoman?

8. Old Books

Projects Made From Old Books | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
DIY Projects Made From Old Books | Art Of Upcycling Photo by DIY Projects

In case you’ve considered throwing old books out, here are some repurposing ideas that will make you think twice.

Paper House Productions FB-0001E Flipbook Interactive Blank Album, Old World

  • Flip, fold, and reveal
  • Available in 5 different themes
  • Features aps that open to reveal more photo and journaling areas
  • Pockets for additional pictures and embellishments
  • Special keepsake pocket with a magnetic clasp

9. Old Maps

Map shoes design | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Inventive Ways to Repurpose Old Maps Photo by DIY Projects

If your old maps and using some space then it’s time to upcycle. You only need to see these old map DIY projects to repurpose old maps.

10. Coffee Filters

Creative uses of coffee filter | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Cool DIY Crafts Using Coffee Filters Photo by DIY Projects

Used or unused, there’s a craft project waiting to happen with coffee filters. On the same note, tea filter bags are also some of the things to never throw away knowing these uses for them.

11. Old Ladder

You don’t need to buy a new laundry rack because you only need to add a touch of paint and you can repurpose old ladders into one!


BarnwoodUSA Rustic Farmhouse Blanket Ladder – Our 5 ft Ladder can be Mounted Horizontally or Vertically and is Crafted from 100% Recycled and Reclaimed Wood | No Assembly Required

  • RUSTIC LADDER SHELF FARMHOUSE DECOR; 5′ long, mount horizontally or vertically.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY; Crafted from 100% reclaimed and recycled wood. *Will have a raw edge on the back of the ladder.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund every penny.
  • COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED — Nothing to build, and no complicated instructions.
  • LOOKS GREAT IN ANY HOME; Hundreds of five star reviews from other customers!

12. Old Door

Rustic and shabby chic home design is so trendy now, so never throw your old windows away. Turn them into inspirational wall art or even a DIY headboard, instead.

13. Old Window

Unique coffee tables | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Salvaged Window DIY Coffee Table Photo by DIY Projects

Save old windows from your renovations because of the fantastic home improvement projects you can also do with them. Take this unique DIY coffee table, which is terrific, indeed.

14. Six Pack Holders

If you love drinking beer, then you’ve probably thrown out quite a lot of six-pack holders. Start making these DIY beer coasters from six-pack holders and you will never throw them away.

15. Old Belts

If you think there’s no more hope for your leather belts, think again, because these leather belt shelves will change your mind.

16. Bottom of Celery Stalk

Vegetables in the market | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
How to Grow Food From Scraps Photo by DIY Projects

Making compost isn’t the only way you can reuse veggie scraps. As a matter of fact, you can still grow them back, so don’t throw them into the compost just yet!

17. Dryer Lint

Add dryer lint to the list of things to never throw away just yet or at all. One way to repurpose this is to store and dry them because it makes such a great fire starter.

What is Dryer Lint: These are bits and pieces of fabrics and textiles materials gathered up on the lint screen of a dryer.

18. Old Springs

Even old bed springs have some fantastic uses, too. You can make craft projects with the old springs from old beds and chairs and add a vintage feel to them as well.

19. Bread Tags

Working on decluttering your home, too? Then pick up this organizing hack with the little tags from bread packages.

20. Soda Can Tab

Collect these little tabs, and you can make a DIY chain or even use it to organize your closet.

21. Leftover Paint

Orange paint | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Repurpose Your Paint Photo by DIY Projects

So you’ve painted everything that needs painting, and there’s still some left over? Then, here are some cool leftover paint projects you can try with those.

22. Vintage Suitcases

Travel suitcase | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
DIY Ways to Upcycle Vintage Suitcases Photo by DIY Projects

Instead of throwing out old suitcases, here are some creative ways to repurpose them.


Wald Imports Brown Paperboard Decorative Storage Paperboard Suitcases, Set of 3

  • Brown paperboard with dark brown stitching
  • Antique brass handle and clasp
  • Paperboard suitcases nest for easy shipping
  • Great for storage or gift baskets

23. Rubber Bands

Don’t overlook rubber bands because they are incredibly useful around the household. For example, they can be used for keeping spatulas and mixing spoons from slipping, or you can make a rubber band ball for fun.

24. Paint Chips

Woman wearing creative necklace | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
DIY Jewelry Ombre Paint Chip Chevron Necklace Photo by DIY Projects

Do you know those paint chips they give you at hardware stores? You can do a lot of colorful craft projects with them. Here’s an easy DIY project for a DIY calendar you can create.

25. Bottle Caps

Save your bottle caps because from table-covered bottle caps to wind chimes, the possibilities are amazing.

26. Old Silverware

Metal stamped jewelry | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Cool DIY Metal Stamping Projects & Ideas Photo by DIY Projects

Make some cool decor and even jewelry with your old silverware. A little metal stamping can also turn these things into amazing pieces.

27. Light Bulbs

Personally, I loved this inspiration for a planter so much I had to go buy new bulbs for the project since I never kept the old ones (I do now!)

28. Prescription Bottles

Prescription bottles should be one of the things to never throw away, too. That’s because they’ll make fantastic organizers for your little stuff, like hairpins and other accessories.

29. Old Soda Crate

While there are other fantastic DIY crafts for vintage Coca-Cola crates, you can also turn it into a dog bowl holder.

30. Old Neckties

There are also many uses for old neckties but this lamp shade seems striking enough to warrants a place on this list.

31. Bicycle Wheels

It’s not just old car tires you can upcycle, but bike wheels, too.

32. Old Globes

Don’t take that old globe for granted because you can also repurpose it into a globe bowl.

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33. Old Umbrellas

I’m sure you’ve had your share of worn-out umbrellas and these 3 ways to upcycle them will add them to your list of things to never throw away.

34. Plastic Spoons

Save the plastic spoons from your last party because we are going to transform them into this lovely decorative craft. Make sure to wash them first, of course!

35. Altoids Tin

These tin cans are great for storing small things, even a survival kit, too. But you can also turn it into a tic-tac-toe travel game for fun.

36. Old Toys

This amazing lamp from old toys will let you be thankful you never throw them away, for sure!

37. Buttons

This was another favorite of mine, but just like the bulbs, I didn’t have any buttons on hand. Luckily, Amazon had some great ones to choose from AND they were much less expensive than the craft store. 🙂

38. Paper Bags

Not only can you reuse them again as paper bags, but you can also repurpose them into baskets by weaving.

39. Old Jeans

Not only can you turn them into adorable DIY clothing, but you can make so many craft projects from them as well.

40. Handkerchief

Sew old or vintage hankies together so you can create a curtain or quilt, plus other projects to try, too.

41. Cribs

Turn an old crib into a toy box bench so you can still hang on to its sentimental value the practical way!

42. Safety Pins

If you’re into edgy jewelry, you’ll love this repurposed safety pins jewelry, indeed!

43. Old Magazines

Even if this is old news, you can still make new paper crafts with these old magazines.

44. Fancy Glass Bottles

Keep your fancy glass bottles because they make great containers for homemade vinegar, fruit jams, herbs, and spices.

45. Baby Food Jars

No need to buy salt and pepper shakers because you can use your baby’s empty food bottles to make one yourself!

46. Mason Jars

Pink flower vase mason jar | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Mason Jar Crafts You Can Make In Under An Hour Photo by DIY Projects

Too many mason jars in your house? Use them as drinking glasses, instead!

47. Big Plastic Jars or Gallons

Use plastic jars as water containers in case of a limited water supply. Just be sure to date and rotate every six months, too.

48. Cereal Boxes and Shoe Boxes

Three words: Your son’s robot!

49. Paint Cans

Make an improvised emergency heater using your empty paint cans and here’s how!

50. Egg Crates

Brown eggs in crates | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]

Empty egg crates make a great fire starter with this little tweak including dryer lint, so keep them for your next campfire!

51. Newspapers

Use your stack of old newspapers to start wood fires for your campfire, too.

52. Tin Cans

Cute tin can ideas | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Tin Can Crafts DIY Ideas Photo by DIY Projects

Use bigger tin cans as flower pots and smaller tin cans, on the other hand, as desk organizers.

53. Wooden Boxes

Lettuce wooden crate | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Wooden Boxes Photo by Homesteading

Any kind of box will make a good planter so never throw these things away.

54. Kitchen Scraps

Food compost | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
How to Make Compost Photo by Homesteading

Veggies and fruit scraps are some of the things you throw away every day, so make a practical use for them and make your own compost.

55. Bones From Roasted Meat

Food Jar | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Homemade Meat Stock Photo by Homesteading

Save and freeze chicken, beef, turkey and pork bones, because they’re great for making homemade meat stock!

56. Bacon Fat

Eating homegrown eggs are delicious, but frying the eggs in bacon fat tastes even better!

57. Old, Worn Out Clothes

Up-cycling Ideas | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Creative Ways to UpCycle T-ShirtsPhoto by DIY Projects

Recycling t-shirts are one reason you never throw your old ones away!

58. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Uncommon Aluminum Foil Survival Uses Photo by Survival Life

If you’re using aluminum foil to store food, save the foil sheets for future household or survival uses, too!

59. Old Toothbrushes

Old Toothbrush Photo by Homesteading

Save on scouring pads by keeping old toothbrushes because they’re great for cleaning tiles, cleaning the sink and cleaning your razor.

60. Plastic Bags

White plastic bag | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Plastic Bag Photo by Homesteading

Use unwanted carrier bags instead of bin bags to line smaller garbage bins inside the house.

 61. Eggshells

Mix eggshells | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
Ways to Use Eggshells Photo by Homesteading

Deter garden pests, feed your chickens, boil them in your coffee—these are several reasons why you should keep eggshells.

62. Cardboard Boxes

Cute cardboard suitcase | Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]
How To Make A Little Cardboard Suitcase Photo by DIY Projects

Never throw cardboard boxes because not only do they make storage containers, they also make great art and crafts.

63. Small Bits of Used Soap

A lot of money can be saved up by making these soap bars form leftover ones, indeed. But first, learn how to make a soap bar from leftover soaps here.

Watch how DIY Meg turns some old forks into a funky windchime:

Remember the things to never throw away and keep them since you now know their amazing uses for your DIY projects. Yet don’t forget to keep them properly so you also avoid cluttering your space and having these things to never throw away end up in the dump, after all.

What else are the things to never throw away in your home and how do you use them? Let us know what they are in the comments section below!

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