7 Ways Your Body Screams You’re Unhappy


Who doesn’t like the idea of being happy every single minute of their lives? A happy person doesn’t just stay happy, but s/he also radiates positivity to the people around them as well. But, for you to be happy, you need to first and foremost understand the meaning of “happiness.”

If you observe this feeling of “being happy” closely, you’ll soon realize that it is simply nothing but a state of mind that is accomplished by having a positive attitude towards life. Not just that, it is also a result of the chemical processes of our bodies. We are all equipped with hormones in our bodies that act as our mood regulators. They help us feel happy, sad, anxious, depressed, etc. There are hormones called “happy hormones” that give us the ability to feel pleasure and maintain a happy state of mind. Lack of happy hormones can make us feel cranky and dissatisfied most of the time. So, how do we know if our body lacks the balance of such hormones? Through signals! Our body talks to us by providing us with hints which try to say that something is wrong in our body. So come, let’s take a look at seven such ways which are signs of our body screaming that it’s unhappy to us.

1. Eating Chips And Sweets

Eating Chips And Sweets


Have you ever felt better after eating a packet of potato chips or a tub of ice cream? This is a sign that your body has low serotonin levels, in other words, your body is in dire need of some starch and sugar (1). And once, you’ve finished a chocolate bar or a pack of Pringles, your mood gets better. However, this happy state of mind is only short-lived and you feel like hogging some of those eatables again.

2. Tenderness Of Breasts

 Tenderness Of Breasts


Hormones do not just affect the state of mood, it also affects our health. If you’re a woman who is facing low levels of estrogen in your body, then you may go through breast tenderness every now and then (2). Though they say that it is common among women while they are on their periods, it’s still a sign of your body saying it’s not happy.

3. Problem Of Weight Gain

Problem Of Weight Gain


Dopamine deficiency in the body can lead to a lot of stress eating and overeating (3). Even when your stomach is full, you’re still carving for food. This craving is due to the lack of hormones in your body. If this sign is neglected, you might consequently develop food addiction over time.

4. Lower Levels Of Empathy

 Lower Levels Of Empathy


Studies have discovered a connection between oxytocin and empathy levels in a human (4). This love hormone plays a major role in affecting our moods. And if one finds it difficult to empathize with another, then the person is definitely facing problems in recognizing and understanding the facial expression.

5. Frequent Headaches

 Frequent Headaches


Progesterone is another hormone that improves one’s moods. And lack of it can result in headaches and sometimes an even worse condition called menstrual migraines (5). This is very common among women during pregnancy. These types of headaches are also considered to be very painful.

6. Problem Of Insomnia

Problem Of Insomnia


Low levels of serotonin can not only lead to food addiction, but it can also lead to sleeping problems. And if ignored, it can lead to the condition of insomnia. We all know how cranky and out of balance we feel when we haven’t slept well the previous night. Those who are always under some kind of stress or those who lead a sedentary lifestyle are the ones who are more prone to insomnia.

7. Unusual Tremors

Unusual Tremors


Sometimes there are these muscle contractions in our body that occur and give rise to unintended movements of our body. Mostly, the movement is related to our hands. This occurs due to low levels of dopamine in our body. And these unusual tremors are also considered to be a sign of an underlying neurological condition. These tremors are caused due to lack of rest, mental stress, high intensified emotional states, etc. (6)

The above-mentioned details clearly tell us just one thing — that we and our bodies are the only ones responsible for our happiness. We need to stop blaming others for not keeping us happy. We need to stop being dependent on others to bring a smile on our faces. All that we need to look up to for being happy is our own selves.

Observe your lifestyle and try to understand is there a bad habit that is influencing your state of mind in the wrong way. Get to the root of your own physical and mental problems and remove the hurdles that lay on your path to happiness. Share your thoughts on this. Leave them in the comments below.

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