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Be prepared for anything with these multi-tools

You too can have secret powers.

You too can have secret powers. (Amazon/)

Multi-tools feel like secret weapons; they’re a practical solution to all sorts of problems that pop up during everyday life. While you probably won’t (we hope) have to use one to escape from a locked room, or cut the wires of a covert device that has your highly classified chemistry lab under surveillance, the possibility of MacGyver-ing your way out of a scrape is part of the allure. These cleverly-designed standouts will help you feel ready to handle whatever life throws your way, even if on most days that’s just popping open a refreshing beverage or two.

Give yourself credit for thinking ahead.

Give yourself credit for thinking ahead. (Amazon/)

It’s doubtful that you can open locked doors with a credit card as easily as they do in the movies anyway, but with13 different tools including a magnifying glass, Phillips head screwdriver, and a tiny LED light, this credit card style multi-tool is arguably an improvement over the real thing. The Swiss-made design could pass for any other card in your wallet in terms of appearance, but is about three times as thick. The small blade it contains is not incredibly sharp, but you’ll definitely want to remember you have it when you have to go through any form of security. The itty bitty ball point pen is a nice touch for people who often find themselves without a writing implement.

Meant to be used, over and over.

Meant to be used, over and over. (Amazon/)

If you’re looking for a dependable multi-tool to use regularly on the job or outdoors, this half-pound option is built for easy deployment. At about five inches when closed, it’s not a toy or showpiece—though the black finish is eye-catchingly stylish. Instead, you’ll get 12 durable tools including two types of screwdrivers (cross-point and flat), a pair of needle-nosed pliers for tight spaces, a saw, a wire cutter/stripper, and a bottle opener. When you practice flicking your wrist with one hand to open various tools, you might just feel like a superhero or 007. Fortunately, the tool was also designed with safety in mind and keeps components locked to prevent suddenly opening a blade.

Fire up your sense of adventure. (Amazon/)

There’s only so much preparation you can do for an outdoor adventure—and using your wits to meet challenges is part of the fun. However, at just 4.5 inches long, this multi-tool offers nineteen reasons for your adventure to stay in the thrilling-but-manageable territory. Start a fire with the ferro rod, use the emergency whistle to alert others, and rely on the strong combo blade (straight and serrated) for any number of tasks on your camping or fishing trip. A diamond-coated sharpener and hammer are just two of the many other classic tools at your disposal for one-handed deployment. Clip it to your bag or pocket and set forth with confidence.

Make every outfit a little sharper. (Amazon/)

If accessories are a way to let people know who you are, this bracelet highlights a utilitarian and resourceful aesthetic, with a bit of steam-punk for good measure. One major plus is that it’s TSA compliant, so you can travel with it at all times. This means you won’t get any blades as part of the nearly 30 tools the bracelet contains in its links, but you’ll still have a cutting hook and carbide glass breaker. Keep in mind that you may need to remove links for comfort, sacrificing some of the tools which include an assortment of wrenches, screwdrivers, and even an oxygen tank wrench. However, you can further customize your bracelet by purchasing additional links and even adapters to fit it to your Apple watch.