Cinderella Solution Review (2020): Does It Work? My Verdict

Are you sick of doing diets?

I’m 100% sick of diets.

Sometimes I manage to lose weight, but I always end up putting it all back on. I have the cellulite and stretch marks to prove it.

So, when I heard about the Cinderella Solution to lose weight, my initial thought was… here we go again.

However, after trying this program for one month and reading up all I could about it, I’m convinced it’s different.

Instead of aggressively restricting food intake like most other diets, the Cinderella Solution focuses on flavor pairing to reset a sluggish metabolism.

In my Cinderella Solution review, I share my personal experience with the program. I’ll reveal all you need to know about it, including how I fared and whether it’s worth it for you.

Let’s begin.

What is the Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution by Carly Donovan is a weight loss method for women. It uses a flavor-pairing system taken from the Japanese nutrition system called Shoku-Iku.

Flavor-pairing helps to reset sluggish metabolisms in the body. It does this by balancing three essential hormones in the female body. This process helps to heal the body from the inside out and discourages over-eating.

You can access all the content via downloadable digital eBooks, PDFs, and video tutorials.

The program lasts for 28 days and is broken down into two 14-day phases called “Ignite” and “Launch.”

In the Ignite phase, you eat three daily meals, and in the Launch phase, you eat four daily meals. There are 14 different meal plans for each day of both phases.

Why I dived into this program

Can you remember how many times you have worn clothes to hide your wobbly bits? Or tried to hide cellulite and stretch marks?

I’ve lost count.

You end up wearing baggy, frumpy clothes to hide your fat. It only makes you feel even more unattractive.

We’ve all been there…

Also, when you are carrying that extra weight, it can make you feel paranoid. I have worried in the past that my partner might leave me.

Sometimes you end up taking drastic action and do dangerous diets or take pills to lose weight fast.

After researching the science behind Cinderella Solution, it made a nice change to hear about a workable weight loss solution.

Who can benefit from the Cinderella Solution?

The diet is not dependent on your age. It’s biologically suitable for women aged from 20-years-old up to 65-years old. Therefore, it can work for practically everybody.

Bar men of course!

If you have had disaster diets all your life and yo-yo in weight… like me… this diet is a great solution.

Thankfully, gone are the days of reading endless food packets to add up the calories. There is no calorie counting involved, and you can lose six times more weight than with traditional diets.

The Cinderella Solution is a healthy way to lose weight instead of doing usual hardcore fat-burning diets. So, you are not endangering yourself mentally or physically.

You only need to have at least 10 pounds of weight to lose.

Bye, bye… yo-yo rebounds of weight.

Who is Carly Donovan?


Carly Donovan (pictured above) is a nutrition specialist and creator of the Cinderella Solution. She used to be overweight and showed signs of depression, diabetes, and hypertension.

She wanted to use $10,500 she had saved to have liposuction. But she read an article about Japanese women living longer than American women. It was all attributed to flavor-pairing.

Carly wanted to learn more about the Japanese flavor-pairing method. In the end she went to a bio-nutrition laboratory and funded a group of scientists to crack the “Japan Code.”

The flavor-pairing strategy she created has reversed all her health problems. Since then, she has since been in the weight loss industry for ten years.

And she has already helped thousands of women achieve their own “Cinderella” lives.

The science behind the Cinderella Solution

As I mentioned above, Carly funded a team to find out more about flavor-pairing. Over six months, they did 75 interviews with doctors, endocrinologists, government officials, and scientists.

The game-changer was looking at why fat stored itself in a body. Most diets adopt a fat blasting approach – but not the Cinderella Solution.

Carly highlights stats that hit the mark. A woman dies every 20 seconds from weight-related diseases.

Hardcore dieting over many years can affect your immune system and metabolism.

It makes shocking sense when you think about it…

These hardcore fat-burning diets are putting so much stress on our bodies.

Scientists have discovered three hormones in a woman’s body that affect our metabolism as we age. They are cortisol, insulin, and estrogen.

Carly refers to them as the Queen “Beauty” and youth hormones. During puberty, they are essential, as they help make us look attractive to men.

Annoyingly, after puberty, these hormones become the horrible stepsisters of a fairytale nightmare.

  • Cortisol is the “happy-hormone.” But it becomes the hormone that gives you anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • Estrogen is the “pretty-hormone” that kept wrinkles away and gave you toned skin. It now gives you cellulite and age spots.
  • Insulin, the “skinny-hormone,” does a flip and makes it hard for you to lose weight and maintain weight.

Because every month, these hormones still want to make sure your body is ready to become pregnant.

I couldn’t help thinking that I wish I had known this years ago. I could have saved myself a lot of time, money, and heartache.

It’s 200,000-year female evolution at the end of the day.

The science-backed formula of the Cinderella Solution is this:

The diet helps you to regulate these pesky hormones and activate your sluggish metabolism.

What is Flavor Pairing?

I’d never heard about flavor-pairing before I discovered the Cinderella Solution, so this concept was exciting to read about.

The Cinderella Solution works when you combine food correctly. When you start eating right you end up feeling full quicker.

Your body receives “signals” to use your biggest “storage-zones” as fuel. It means you end up eating less and are less prone to binge eating.

You know… when we grab a packet of biscuits and can’t stop till they are all gone…

Carly Donovan groups food into four groups and uses names that fit with the Cinderella theme. These are Angel Carbs, Prime Proteins, Power Carbs, and Royal Fats. This two-step flavor-pairing system is easy to use and feels very natural.

I liked the fact that there are meal plans you can use. But you still have the freedom to mix and match some meals.

It’s not like this in other diets.

The Japanese Connection of Shoku-Iku

The method originates from the Japanese system called Shoku-Iku. This term translates to nutrition architecture. It was a mandatory nutritional platform adopted in Japan to help women.

The goal of food pairing was to promote “wellness from within.” Also, to “create hormonal and metabolic balance…”.

Japanese women generally eat more carbohydrates than any other country. Also, compared to American women, they are eating double the amount!

Carly Donovan also discovered Japanese women live on average to 87-years-old. They have lower rates of heart attacks, strokes, dementia, and depression.

Of the 11 Shoku-Iku flavor pairing rituals, the Cinderella Solution only uses four pairing rituals. These are the ones that lose weight most effectively.

For example, the “Fat-Flush Tea” that helps you lose fat when you are fast asleep. Or a carbohydrate-pairing that can help you get rid of that belly fat and chunky thighs.

The Cinderella Solution also uses other pairing concepts. Here are a few of them:

  • Movement Pairing. In Australia, women use zero-cardio, movement rituals to remove fat from soft areas.
  • Spice Pairing. Learn how to use two common dessert spices to lose weight faster.
  • Wine Pairing. Drinking wine at a set time to help eliminate enzymes that cause strokes.

What’s included in the Cinderella Solution package?

Here is a list of the items you receive with Cinderella Solution.

Main Manual

This 93-page eBook is in PDF format. It is full of information on female metabolism and weight loss hormones. There is also a food plan section that details the food and combinations that you can use.

Quick Start Guide

You can go straight to the quick start guide and avoid reading the main manual first. It is super handy if you’re going to get started straight away. However, you will need to look at the main manual for more detailed information.

Food Lover’s Recipe Playbook

This book has the same food and meal plans that Carly used to lose 84lbs. There are also other recipes on top of this that cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a 22-page dessert recipe book.

The Cinderella Solution Accelerator (New Freebie)

The Accelerator package comes as a free bonus. It is a combination of the best success stories and is a real testament that the program works.

As the name suggests, it can help speed up the whole process for the first three weeks. It includes: –

  • 21-day Kick-Start Nutrition Guide
  • The Accelerator Main Manual
  • The Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book
  • The Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book can accelerate everything, but the exercises are optional. They consist of eight to twenty-minute gentle movement sequences.

They work with the female metabolism and therefore are gentle on the body. The program has fifteen workouts, each with six to ten exercises.

There are video tutorials if you need further help, and these are in the Workout Video Library. You can access these via an online page.

How much does the Cinderella Solution cost?

The basic package costs $37. It has a 60-day “Glass Slipper” money-back guarantee. For an extra fee, you can also gain access to Carly Donovan and a 24-hr support team.

Compared to other diets out there (which have significant drawbacks compared to this one), the price seems excellent value to me.

My personal experience with the Cinderella Solution

As I mentioned earlier, I can be quite skeptical about “new” diets simply because I have done so many before with the same disappointing results.

I am tired of the “ups and downs” of dieting.

I like the Cinderella Solution as it is from a “real woman.” She is not a self-proclaimed health guru or aloof TV doctor.

Carly has been on the diet battlefield, like you and me. She has real scars… or should I say stretchmarks?

The diet is for women only.

I found this appealing as I have done so many broad brush diets that are really hard work.

Most of them are fat-blasters with intense exercises. I suspected that all these diets were hard as they are designed for both sexes. So, I was looking for a diet that is less aggressive on the body.

I am also not a fan of calorie-counting on diets. I find it tedious and time-consuming. With the Cinderella Solution, you don’t have to do all that.

To be honest, I have done so many diets; trying a new one is not a problem. But finding a diet that works long-term is the problem. And this diet is sustainable. I’ve had no problem finding the food and preparing the meals that Carly recommends in her program.

I also didn’t know about the three hormones that were affecting women’s bodies. I like to view myself as a seasoned dieter, but I had never heard about them.

How much weight have I lost in the last month?

8 pounds.

And I’m pretty thrilled about it.


Here are some of the advantages of the Cinderella Solution diet program.

  • Alternative menus. Carly has different meal options for everybody. This attention to detail is a nice touch that is unusual in the dieting world. These include meals for pescatarians, vegans, and vegetarians, and people who must watch lactose and Ovo.
  • Easy to do. It is incredibly easy to follow, and the recipes are simple. There is no need to count your calories. You do not need any previous experience in dieting.
  • Helps to regulate your hormones. The Cinderella Solution method can help to balance your cortisol, estrogen, and hormonal insulin levels. As a result, it can further contribute to eradicating certain diseases and illnesses.
  • Not expensive. The package cost itself is cheaper compared to other diets. You only need a yoga mat and some dumbbells if you decide to do the exercises.
  • Quick results. If you use the Accelerator program, you can see results extremely quickly.
  • Scientifically proven to be healthy. It’s healthier than other diets as there are no drastic fat-burning tactics. There are minimal side effects.
  • Video library tutorial. If you do decide to do the optional workouts, you can access a video library for detailed tutorials.


My aim is to write the most comprehensive and objective Cinderella Solution review out there. So these are the negative things which are worth you considering before you take the plunge.

  • Initial side-effects. You might experience a slight headache or body change in the first few hours. But it is only the activation of the fat cells and enzymes.
  • Watch what you eat. It is not a particularly restrictive diet, but you still need to watch what you eat. Certain foods are a no-go.
  • Women-only diet. If you like to diet with a male partner, this diet is not suitable for men.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few of the questions and answers asked online about the Cinderella Solution.

What is the Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution is a flavor-pairing diet method created by Carly Donovan for women. It originates from a Japanese nutrition system called Shoku-Iku. It helps to balance essential hormones in the body and reactivates your metabolism to lose weight.

How much does it cost?

The basic package costs $37. There is also a 60-day “Glass Slipper Guarantee” money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with it for any reason.

Is the Cinderella Solution safe?

It is 100% safe. The Cinderella Solution comes from a scientifically proven form of Japanese nutrition. Also, Carly Donovan used specialist scientists to conduct thorough research before offering it. However, as with most diets, it’s best to run it past your doctor first.

Does it work?

Yes. Carly Donovan is living proof that it works. She lost 84lbs with the Cinderella Solution and reversed potential life-threatening problems. She also shares hundreds of client testimonials so you can see real success stories.

Who is Carly Donovan?

Carly Donovan created the Cinderella Solution after a serious health scare. She was clinically obese and managed to lose 84lbs. Carly has now worked as a nutritionist in the weight loss field for ten years.

Is the Cinderella Solution worth it?

Women spend, on average, $65,000 on weight loss during their lives. I would say $37 for the Cinderella Solution is an absolute bargain.

Cinderella Solution review final verdict

As we all know, diets come back into fashion as often as the mini skirt. But to get into that mini skirt, you need to do a diet that works.

Carly claims her flavor-pairing method is deliberately not discussed in the weight-loss industry. She is probably right, as it is a cheaper and easier way to lose weight than other products out there.

I think Cinderella Solution is a breath of fresh air in a saturated and regurgitated diet market.

The program is based on sound science, preparing the food is easy enough, and I can see myself staying on this diet for the long term.

If you want to lose weight in a sustainable, science-backed way, then the Cinderella Solution is a great way to do it.