Friday Food Finds: New Doritos, Edible Brownie Batter, Herbal Tonics, and More!

When I chip, you chip, we chip…or at least that was the theme of this week’s Chub Chub Chowdown segment on the Taylor Strecker Show. Your favorite brands like Lay’s and Doritos are switching up the chip bases of their most popular (and unique!) flavors to play some mind games with us, but I’m entirely here for it. I’m also here for edible cookie dough and brownie batter and some bevs to wash everything down. Check out everything we sampled below and sound off on what you’re most excited to try first!

Lay’s Kettle Cooked Chips (Flamin’ Hot)

These definitely pack a punch, but it’s a welcomed punch and not one coming from Connor McGregor. The texture of Lay’s Kettle Cooked line is also fantastic, maintaining the softness of a traditional Lay’s with the thickness of a competing Kettle Brand chip. Needless to say, Flamin’ Hot is no longer officially exclusive to Cheetos. You heard it here first.

Doritos (Cool Ranch & Flamin’ Hot Limon)

Is there anything better than a ranch Dorito? Not really…at least when it comes to snacks. These bad boys are bolder than ever with a flavor-packed tortilla that doesn’t skimp on our beloved blend of seasonings. Doritos also introduced a Flamin Hot’ Limon chip that is equally as delicious, so you’d be remiss to not try both and set them out during this weekend’s big game spread. You’re welcome.

Kalahari Biltong (Lime Chili)

Biltong is quickly taking the place of jerky as our favorite mid-afternoon snack. It’s softer, it’s thinner, and its flavors seem to penetrate the meat better than most dried proteins. Lime chili is also a uniquely delicious departure from more mainstream iterations like teriyaki or black pepper, so we’ve already added them to our shopping carts and plan to enjoy them when the hunger pangs strike.

SmartWater (Watermelon Mint)

We were a bit nervous about these tasting artificial, but the watermelon flavor is very subtle and natural. Also, the mint provides a harmonious balance that makes the water even more refreshing. Two thumbs up from us! And kudos to the well-known bottled water brand for providing more innovative options.

Sunwink Herbal Tonic

We like the idea of a carbonated drink that boasts some of the culinary industry’s most trendy health ingredients like elderberry, hibiscus extract, and ginger. And at only 30 calories per bottle, Sunwink is definitely a winner. For those who are extremely diet-conscious, it’s good to know that the added sugar comes from maple syrup, though we’d love to see a version with stevia or monk fruit!

Nestle Edible Funfetti Cookie Dough & Fudge Brownie Batter

It’s literally impossible to mess this one up. The fudge brownie batter tastes identical to to chocolate frosting and the Funfetti is all kind of birthday cake ridiculous. If you are dieting, avoid these at all costs. They’re irresistible and you will absolutely be unable to abstain from eating a spoonful or seven.