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Salad spinners that keep your greens crisp and clean

Keep your greens clean.

Keep your greens clean. (Dmitry Dreyer via Unsplash/)

Many of us have the best intentions when it comes to eating more salads at home. Delightful pictures on social media of lightly-dressed arugula adorned with heirloom tomatoes, seeds, and perfectly ripe avocados make it seem so easy to be green. The reality is that a good salad takes the right tools and a little prep work. A crisp and freshly-washed assortment of lettuce and herbs is an essential foundation for your chlorophyll fix. Here are our favorite salad spinners to get you started.

Lettuce rejoice.

Lettuce rejoice. (Amazon/)

This sturdy plastic strainer, crank, and clear base (which doubles as a serving bowl) quite simply gets the job done. The top locks to the base to prevent your food from spilling, and has convenient openings that allow you to put the spinner under your tap or drain water without removing the lid. It’s not just for greens—you can also spin berries and sliced fruit and veggies. Simply fill the strainer with your produce, place it inside the base, lock down the lid, rinse, and spin dry.

Elegant stainless steel.

Elegant stainless steel. (Amazon/)

This upgrade to the classic salad spinner features less plastic and a pump mechanism that eliminates the need for hand-cranking. With this model, you’ll need to rinse your greens in the plastic colander first before placing the colander in the spinner. Press on the pump to start spinning, and use the brake button to stop it at any time. Guests will never know your sleek stainless steel serving bowl is part of your spinner, and you’ll have one less dish to wash.

Room for more lettuce.

Room for more lettuce. (Amazon/)

OXO’s 6.2-liter salad spinner is made of BPA-free food-grade plastic. Use the top pump handle to start spinning and the single break button on top to stop. It’s built to prevent wobbling while you spin your vegetables. The lid comes apart so it’s easy to clean.

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