Tech Jobs: These Are The Highest Paying Tech Jobs In India, Paying Up To Rs 70 Lakh In Salary


When you look at the 21st century, which sector do you think has the most development? The answer would definitely be ‘Information Technology’. In India, especially, it’s become a lot more advanced than any of us could have imagined. India’s IT scene is booming as a result of the spur created by the digital tsunami and also, let’s not forget the democratization of AI (artificial intelligence). Earlier it used to be just one or two jobs in this sector. But, in the present, the technology roles in India have witnessed a massive growth trajectory over the past five years. This is mainly due to companies working rigorously to expand their IT potential.

These Are The Highest Paying Tech Jobs In India


And, the cherry on the cake is that the employers are willing to provide all the amenities with a massive paycheck. In return, they want candidates with the best talent. This holds good especially in the fields of data, analytics, and development. The budding tech professionals now have a plethora of career paths to choose from within the IT world itself. Gone are the days when IT aspirants had to know only C++, COBOL, Python or JavaScript. The IT’s greenhorns today are looking at job roles like security and cloud architects, full-stack developers, and data scientists — all of which offer massive pay packages in the IT world today.

We explored some of the most sought after tech jobs, whose high pay scale will leave you stunned. Here, have a look.

1. Data Scientists

Data Scientists


Shutterstock Up To INR 60-70 lakhs per annum

Job Role: The data scientists know how to make the best of their analytical, programming, and statistical skills to analyze, implement, and collect gigantic data sets. They use this collected information to develop solutions to complicated challenges faced by their clients’ businesses.

Qualifications: They are all highly qualified. While a majority of them have a Master’s degree in their pockets, most of them also have PhDs to their names in their specific fields of expertise. The baby degrees are Bachelor’s in computer science, statistics or mathematics. Knowing Big Data or Hadoop is also considered to be important.

2. Data Warehouse Architects

Data Warehouse Architects


Pay: Up to INR 25 lakh per annum

Job Role: Data architects are the people responsible for forming the blueprints of a system that involves data management. They conduct a detailed analysis of the company’s existing data and resources. Following this, the architects (external or internal) draw out a structure for protecting, centralizing, and integrating data that would assist the organization to use the information securely and efficiently. Their pay packages usually start from INR 15 lakh per annum.

Qualifications: If one wishes to pursue a career as a data warehouse architect, one will need a Bachelor’s degree in information technology (IT), computer engineering or computer science. You will also need some experience in handling software architecture and data management. To get the title of a “worthy candidate” one can get qualifications like CDMP (Certified Data Management Professional) from the institute for CCP (Certification for computer professionals).

3. Senior Tech Leads

Senior Tech Leads


Pay: Up to 15 lakhs per annum

Job Role: The work of a senior technical lead is to supervise a team of software engineers and drive them to come up with a software product that adheres to the quality and time guidelines provided by a client. A senior tech lead takes the responsibility of the entire planning, execution, and accomplishment of complex software and its solution to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Qualifications: To be qualified enough for this job one needs to have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. One also needs to be equipped with a strong knowledge about programming languages such as Core Java, Eclipse, J2EE, Hadoop, Weblogic, Hibernate Spring, Hive, Apache, Unix, and whatever the current trends of the software development world are. Also, a tech lead is usually picked if he/she has at least 5-8 years of programmer experience.

4. Analytics Manager

Analytics Manager


Pay: Up to 11 lakh per annum

Job Role: An analytics manager is responsible to chalk out and implement complex strategies and tools that will allow data in the raw form to be transformed into analytics for business solutions. These analytics serve as insights to either strategize business models or help in decision making.

Qualifications: One will require a Bachelor’s degree in Science or Technology with a specialization in the IT domains or a Master’s degree in Computer Application to become an analytics manager. Along with this, one will also need to have 5-7 years of experience of using data-analytic tools such as Python, Tableau, etc. to apply for this job role.

The trick to surviving in the IT industry is to continuously upgrade oneself in order to enhance one’s career prospects for the future. So, are you motivated enough to set foot in the IT world? Let us know in the comments section below.

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