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All-terrain women’s sandals that take you from hiking to lounging

Sandals for your adventure.

Sandals for your adventure. (Toa Heftiba via Unsplash/)

In the past few years, sporty sandals have become more fashionable, and many have been designed in a larger range of fun colors. They’re also great for trips—why pack two sets of shoes when you might only need one? Whether you’re going on a tropical getaway, a camping trip, or just a walk around the corner to your favorite bodega, these stylish all-terrain sandals are a great choice.

You can find them in every color of the rainbow.

You can find them in every color of the rainbow. (Amazon/)

Tevas have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, as techwear has become stylish (Outdoor Voices even did a collaboration with the brand). The sandals are durable, vegan, waterproof, deeply comfortable, and easy to put on. A range of colors means you’ll be able to find one that works with any outfit, though this white pair is sure to match everything in your closet.

Read for rain or sun.

Read for rain or sun. (Amazon/)

Chacos are a great choice for those looking for more support, thanks to their high arches and adjustable straps. They’re comfortable for all day wear—especially after you’ve worn them long enough for the straps to best suit your feet—and great for hiking, camping, or fishing. The soles are tough, and will last you years.

Great Teva dupes. (Amazon/)

These Cior sandals have a similar look to Teva’s, at an even better value. The yoga mat insole and supported arch makes them outrageously comfortable, and the heel strap is padded to avoid blisters. These sandals will easily take you from beach to boardwalk.

The ’90s have come back around. (Amazon/)

Though not technically a hiking sandal, we chose these Doc Martens because they’re built durably and can handle all kinds of terrain—making them an incredibly versatile choice, and one of the most stylish. The heavyweight leather can take a beating, and the cushy sole is great for tired feet.